Bernadien Eillert

There are many men and women who have become famous because they have been the husbands/wives of famous cinema, sports and other such personalities. Additionally they have an aura of their own which also could have helped them to become famous and well known. We will be looking at the life and times of Bernadien Eillert.

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She has been able to make a name for her because she is the wife of the very popular, skilled and talented Arjen Robben. Those who follow football closely would be aware that Robben is a famous football player from Netherland and is a member of its national team. Therefore being his wife, Bernadien Eillert has been able to build a career and fame of her own. It would therefore be interesting to have a closer look at her life.

Early Life

She is of Dutch nationality and is of white ethnicity. She was born in Holland. She did her schooling in Kamerlingh Onnes which is located in Groningen. Not much is known about her early days because she was one among the many thousands of women in Holland who led a decent life. However, there is no denying the fact that she is extremely good looking and her good looks and appearances were evident, even when she was a child and also when she was in her teens.

Her Career

If one goes through her sketchy biography it is possible that nothing significant would perhaps come out as far as her career is concerned. It is obvious that her career details are not as colorful and eventful as her husband. However, there are some reports pointing out that she works for the Foundation by the name FSAB.

This is quite insignificant when compared to the life and achievement of her husband Arjen Robben who as mentioned earlier belongs to the Netherland National Football Team. In fact he holds the prestigious position as captain of the Netherland Football Team. He also plays professional football for Bayern Munich.

Their Lives

It would be interesting to have a closer look at the personal life of Bernadien Eillert. She is married to Arjen Robben. She met Robben when she was in high school and they have been in deep love ever since. There are some stories which suggest that Robben had come late for a practice session because he spent some time meeting Bernadien.

They are now happily married ever since they met for the first time in 2000. Their marriage happened few years ago and it took place in the Groningen, the city in which they met for the first time. The couple seemingly released pigeons to signify peace and prosperity as far as their marriage was concerned. It was a celebrity marriage and it got wide coverage.

She has two children out of her marriage with Robben. Luka is the first son and Kai is the daughter. They were born in 2008 and 2012 respectively. They are one happy family living in Netherlands.

The Net worth of Robben is a staggering $80 million dollars and Eillert is certainly lucky to be a part of this huge wealth. Their net worth is set to go up because Robben still has quite a bit of football left in him.

31 Dec, 2017