Ben Savage really name is Bennett Joseph Savage and she was born in 1980. She is a television director and an American actor. He is well known because of the role he had in the Boy Meets World sitcom series at ABC. He also worked on its spin-off series, Girl Meets World of Disney Channel.

He was born in the city of Chicago in Illinois and his parents are Lewis and Joanne Savage. His father was working as a consultant and a broker in industrial real estate. For his family, his older brother, Fred Savage is a director and an actor while the elder sister is musician and actress called Kala Savage.  The grandparents are Jewish born from Poland, Latvia, Germany and Ukraine. He grew up in the Reform Judaism.

His first debut film was when he was 9 years old in the movie of his brother, Little Monsters. The movie becomes an instant hit.  Afterwards, he appeared in the films such as Big Girls Don’t Cry … They Get Even.  He was playing in the role of Sam, who is a clever little brother.  His stage debut was in Laughter Epidemic at Pasadena Playhouse. He was the guest star of The Wonder Years of his brother on the episode of Valentine’s Day.

His major role on the network television is when he was playing in the role of the Mathew, the son to Judd Hirsh character at the comedy series called Dear John.  He was among the orphans family who was able to con Robert Mitchum so that he can become their guardian for A family for Joe.

He was a lead character of Boy Meets World, a TV sitcom of Cory Matthews since 1993 up to 2000.  His brother, Fred appeared together with him in one of the episodes where he was a guest star, the lecherous college professor who is pursuing his girlfriend.  He worked on other TV movies like She Woke Up by Lindsay Wagner and on McDonalds Family Theatre Presents: Aliens For Breakfast, he played as a teen ad the figures on his breakfast cereal become alive.

Ben Savage was also in Unexpected Tenderness and he received an ovation award because of his performance.  He has to take a break and stayed away from acting in movies and tv shows for three years but afterwards, he appeared in Still Standing, Car Babes and Phil of the Future.

When it comes to his biography, he also worked as intern under U.S Senator Arien Specter since it was the requirements to complete the studies with Stanford University.  He graduated in Political Science and he was the member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.  In the high school, he was dating Alexis Coe, who is an author and historian now.  He has not record about any real life relationship but his on screen wife is Danielle Fishel.  His Instagram is @bensavage and his net worth is 12 million dollars. His salary is not known.