Barbara Mori Ochoa was born on the second of February, 1978 in Montevideo, Uruguay, South America. Her parentswere happy to welcome their daughter. As to the siblings, she has two of them, Kenya Mori and Kintaró Mori. While being a child, Barbara attended the local school in Mexico and grew up an ordinary girl.

During the formative years, she had to work a lot, because of her parents’ divorce. Once working in the café, Mori was noticed by famous fashion person Marcos Toledo. He asked her whether she was not interested in modelling career. Soon she worked as a model and could pay for the bills by her own.

Besides, she was also fond of film industry and wanted to connect her life with it. Therefore, she took some lessons of acting in El Centro de Estudios de Formación Actoral. Barbara first appeared on the screen in the Mexican telenovela “Al norte del corazón”. The next year, she took part in the comedy series “Tric Tac”. For participating in “Mirada de mujer”, Mori got TVyNovelas Award for Best New Actress.

At the age of 20, she together with a well-known actor Mauricio Ochmann were playing the main characters in the series “Azul Tequila”.The following year she was seen in the series “Me muero por tí”. She also appeared in different telenovelas like “Amor descarado”.

In the year of 2001, Barbara participatedin romantic comedy “Inspiración”. It was a huge success for her, after which she became more popular than she was before. A year after, she was filmed in the telenovela “Subete A Mi Moto”. When Mori was 26 years old, she signed a contract with Televisa. Soon she acted in a highly–rated soap opera “Rubi”. For the role of main heroine, Barbara was rewarded by TVyNovelas Award. The next year, she was playing in the film “La mujer de mi hermano”. Besides, she recorded her voice for the film “Robots”.

In the year of 2009, she was seen in the thriller “Amor, Dolor y Viceversa”. The producer of this crime-drama was also Mori. It got as many positive reviews as the negative ones. Two years later, she acted in the action-drama “Viento En Contra”, by Warner Bros. In 2010, there was a movie released with Barbara in the leading role. She was also seen in such TV-shows and films as “Kites”, “1 a Minute”, “El coleccionista”, “Viento en Contra”, “Cantinflas” and others. She is very enthusiastic and hardworking person. Due to her persistent work, her net worth is estimated to be nearly $145 million.

As to the personal life in her biography, she is a married woman. Her husband isKenneth Ray Sigman. Previously she was dating with an actor Sergio Mayer. The spouse are parents to Sergio Mayer Mori. Barbara does not have any other children. Unfortunately, Mori had a cancer, but she overcame this disease. She is an active user of such social media as Instagram and Facebook.