Anthony Moore (More) was born on August 13, 1948 in London. There is quite a little information about his early years and family. He attended St Christopher School, in Letchworth. There he met his fellow Peter Blegvad. They both were involved in various bands, including Slapp Happy and the Dum-Dums. He was very passionate and serious in his dreams and he was planning to became a real composer, so he continued his musical education by studying Indian classical music with Viram Jasani.

His debut as a composer was, when he wrote his first soundtrack for the movie “Mare's Tale”, which was directed by David Larcher. Afterwards, at the early 70s he decided to move to Hamburg, Germany. The years, that he spent in Hamburg were successful, he worked on the experimental music scene. In the 1972, Anthony and his friend Blegvad formed his music pop band “Slapp Happy”, where Blegvad’s wife Dagmar Krause was a vocalist.

In the same year Anthony and his band released their first album, which was titled “Sort Of”. Later band moved back to London, where they released their second album “Casablanca Moon”. The band collaborated with another music group “Henry Cow”. Both music bands released their two albums in 1975. Desperate Straights and In Praise of Learning reached brilliant success. Afterwards their vocalist Krause left the band and joined Henry Cow, it was the end of band’ history in the 70s. Latter in the early 80s and 90s they collaborated with each other again. In the 1991 Anthony and his friends wrote commissioned opera 'Camera', which was broadcast two years later on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom.

Since the end of the 70s he started his solo career. In the 1979, he released his new solo album “Flying Doesn't Help”. In the early 80s he released both “World Service” and “The Only Choice”. In fact, the song "World Service", inspired Anthony by the BBC World Service, was released as a single and reached a huge level of fame. During his career he also collaborated with such famous bands and performers like Pink Floyd (2 albums: A Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Division Bell), Richard Wright (lyrics for Broken China), Kevin Ayers as well as with Trevor Rabin. In the early 2000s he became a co-creator of new music trio along with Jörg Lindenmaier and Peter C. Simon. The band was called “LMS”. In the 2000 he released “Live in Japan” album.

Additionally to his amazing career, he also was an appointed professor for research into sound and music at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, Germany. There is very less information available about him in various internet sites. There is no single information about his love affairs, married life and wife. He is not an active social sites user, but some photography can be found in the internet. His total net worth is not disclosed by any source. Now he resides in London.