Anita was born on 25 October 1977. She was born in Bradford in England, United Kingdom. It is known that she completed her schooling from Bradford Girls Grammar School. After completing her school education, she enrolled in University of Leeds. She received her degree in Broadcasting from the University. Her childhood was spend in England but it is known that her parents belonged to Punjab in India and they followed Sikhism.

It is known that Anita’s paternal grandfather was a Hindu who converted to Sikh and he also served in Indian Army. He was enrolled in Indian Army in 1942 and he fought for British Empire. He served in the army for 37 years. Her paternal grandfather is said to have died in India during the partition in 1947. There is no information about her siblings.

Anita had interest in journalism since a young age and it is said that she aired her first Radio show when she was on 14 years old. The show was aired on Sunrise Radio. After completing her graduation, Anita got a job of a researcher with BBC. In 2002, she got a chance to perform on the TV for the first time. Her news show, The Edit was broadcasted on Channel Five. Anita broadcasted a lot of shows for Channel 5 network which includes the news shows along with pop shows.

In 2005, she was nominated for Royal Television Society Midlands awards under the category of Best on Screen Personality but the award went to someone else. The same year, she started working at BBC Asian Network. It was a radio station and she joined there as a presenter. She was presenting one show on the radio station. It was also reported that she worked as a reported for Channel 4 during the year.

Later in 2006, it is reported that she offer from Sky Sports to present a weekly cricket show. At the same time, she was working for BBC network as well. She is known for her work in documentary ‘India on Four Wheels’ and ‘China on Four Wheels’. The show had another season broadcasted and the name of the show was ‘Russia on Four Wheels’. As of now, she is co-hosting ‘Country File’ since 2015 and she also hosted a show called Refugee Camp in 2016.

Anita is also an excellent dancer. This can be said because she participated in Strictly Come Dancing in 2015 and she reached the semi-finals over there. She along with her partner Fleb Sachenko won billions of hearts through their dancing. In her career, she has worked in 17 shows until now. Anita had been married to Bhupi and the couple leads a happy life together. The couple lives in Hackney since their wedding. Bhupi works in technology for an advertising firm. Anita’s annual salary is not public and her net worth is also a secret. But she surely earns a fat salary and this can be said because of her popularity.

Last Modified: May 10, 2020

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