Angie Carlson

Angie Carlson was born in the year 1976, in USA. She is a business owner, a reality television star, YouTuber and Full Throttle Saloon Marketing director. She is married to Michael Ballard and she has one child called Emilly Grace Lynnl. She is a member of the music group called The Full Throttle Rock stars.

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She appeared in the movies such as Full Throttle Saloon, the Full Throttle Saloon So6E01 and then in Baby Makes Three. She also appeared in the TV shows like Full Throttle Fire: rise From The Ashes, 75th Anniversary, Rally Around The Family and Crime & Punishment. She also appeared in the One Wedding and a Funeral, The Million Dollar Question, Plan B, Come Hell or High water and Angie Carslon Flaunt Girls.

Full Throttle Saloon is the reality television series that was premiered for the first time in 2009 and it got aired at truTV. The Series is based on daily operation at the largest biker bar. Full Throttle Saloon is found in the city of Sturgis in South Dakota. It is found at 30 acres and it was bought by Michael Ballard in the year 1999. The outdoor and indoor bar features different states, with the tattoo parlor, wrestling ring, and burn out pit.

Other areas are the parking of thousand of the motorcycles, hundreds of the cabins for renting, a number of the stores and some restaurants. It was being open during March or early April up to Mid November, when the weather allows it. Every year, first week of August, it marks a beginning of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The Saloon averages up to 20,000 guests every year.

The series had aired the fifth season at TruTV in December and they confirmed that they will not shoot the sixth season anymore. Reelz Channel said that they will take up the show and they will start to air only the classic episodes that were aired in the old seasons. In the year 2015, there was a massive fire which destroyed Full Throttle Season in 2015. The media event owner called Michael Ballard, pinched the power cord at the keg refrigerator overheat and it sparked a carboard box that was nearby.

Some of the biography of Angie Carlson is not available such as who are her parents and what school she attended. Angie Carlson is married to the owner of the Full Throttle Saloon who is also an avid biker. He made his career out of the affection he has towards bike riding. He was among the list of the successful CEO in the year 2015.

Michael is of white ethnicity and he has a well build up body, while Angie has a fit and athletic body and hourglass body measurements. Angie height is said to be around 5 feet with 7 inches. The couple has a huge year difference between them since Michael was over 50 years while Angie was around 35 years old at the time of their marriage.

25 Oct, 2018