Amy Gardner

Amy Gardener is a renowned and successful American businesswoman.

Amy Gardener was brought up in New York. She was the only daughter of her parents. Her mother was a great cook and she developed her interest of cooking from her mother. Even during her schooldays, she was more interested in subjects like Home Science and Nutrition than other subjects. She used to do several experiments with cooking and also participated in several cookery shows. In her journey, she has always received encouragement from her parents and friends.

After completing her graduation, she decided to pursue her career with cooking. She joined the University in Italy to study Hotel Management. After four years of training period in the University she achieved the third position during the final year.

Later, after achieving her career goals, she married her present husband who is a renowned chef as well as a traveller and food blogger. They were a happily married couple and she was also his travel partner. They also have four children. Though recently, they have separated from each other but still, there are no such hard feelings between them. Being a successful businesswoman and the owner of several restaurants, she was able to earn much fame and money which is the reason of her high net worth.


After completing her graduation in New York, she wanted to start her own restaurant business. When she realised that starting a restaurant, without any kind of professional experience is going to be a risk factor, so she decided to take up a job in a restaurant to gain some working  experience. After a year, she took the job of a General Manager in a restaurant. In this restaurant, she came across with her present husband. He was also a chef and he worked with this restaurant for a quite long time. During this time, both of them spent a lot a time together though no relationship developed between them.

She had a busy schedule as a General Manager and had to work for long hours in the restaurant. Anthony, being a travel enthusiast, left the job and began to travel. But when he returned from his trip, they met up several times which finally resulted in their relationship. It was always their work which brought them closer to each other. She was very much dedicated to her work. She even worked during her pregnancy period.

She simultaneously managed her personal as well as her professional life which resulted in her successful business career. She is also a famous personality on the various social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram. She also has a large number of followers. In one of her recent interview, she has expressed her views that she does not like to remain in the spotlight though she has always said that she admires all her followers.