Allison Stokke was born in the year 1989 and she is a field and track athlete of American origins. She is also a fitness model. She had broken many records at high school level for pole vaulting. When she was only seventeen, her images were being shared largely on internet and this turned her to be internet phenomenon. She has been considered as a sex symbol and she has been covered both internationally and nationally, it had been a topic for informed debate about sportswomen’s sexualization together with young people on internet.

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Allison Stokke continued with pole vault while at University of California in Berkeley where she was competing in collegiate track team called California Golden Bears. When she finished the college, she started her career as professional vaulter while becoming a sports model of Athleta and Nike with other brands.

Allison Stokke’s parents are Cindy and Allan Stokke. She was born in the city of Newport Beach, in California. Her family like sports, her older brother called David reached to national level of youth gymnast. Allison Stokke tried gymnastics, but she took up pole vaulting when she was at Newport Harbor High school. Afterwards, she became among the best vaulters in the country. She was the winner of 2004, championship for 15-16 years old and she had a record of 3.81m.

She broke an American record as a high school freshman of 3.86m. She set a new record in her sophomore year of 4.11m. Even if she broke a leg when she was still in high school, she had been able to win two times at CIF California State Meet. During the senior year of high school, she had been ranked second in national high school list and had the best record of 4.14m. That year, she finished at eighth position in national junior championship.

Allison Stokke’s images from when she was competing in the year 2007 in New York, were taken and then posted by a Californian journalist for track and field website. A sports blog that have a large male fanbase called With Leather, re-posted these pictures with a remark on how Allison is attractive and gave it the head, Pole Vaulting is Sexy, Barely Legal. Original photographer threatened that he will sue the site owner called Matt Ufford in case he refuses to remove the photo but this article had already got much attention and it had been re-posted on other many websites. In few weeks, she had became internet phenomenon and it generated many comments nationally from The New York times, Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post.

According to her biography, she continued with pole vaulting after the school but did not rank high. She failed to join United States Olympics Trials of 2012. Her fans can get more information about her on her wiki and Instagram pages; her net worth is 100,000 dollars.

20 Mar, 2017