Allison Mack was born in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Her parents were of American origin. Allison has been a successful actress and director. She was born to white parents who later moved to the USA in search of jobs and a better life for their children. She started working as an actress very early in her life.

When she was just four years old she got a chance to play a role in the movie German Chocolate. She has been a good student as well and her acting job didn’t sway her away from education. Camp Nowhere and My Horrible Year My Horrible Year are the motion pictures she was thrown on. She has also done many TV shows such as Opposite Sex, A Private Matter and more. She has also given her voice in the movie The Ant Bully for which she got some awards as well. She has further voiced some scenes in The Batman as well.

Her career started when she was discovered by a modeling agent. She was ver much inclined towards acting since her childhood. She has also learned to play a number of musical instruments as she lied to sing as well when she was a child. Her first TV show was I Know My First Name is seven which came out in 1989.

She got to play in a movie the very same year which was called Police Academy 6. Both were very successful and were liked by the audience. The very next year she applied in the TV series Shangri-La Plaza in which she played Jenny. She just appeared for one episode in that show.

In 1990 itself she did Empty Nest in which she was cast as Gloria. At this point, she started to get many offers from movies and TV shows but she took her time and chose only those characters that made her look good. In 1991 she was back on another TV show called Switched at Birth. This is a comedy series in which she played the role of Normia Twigg. Her latest TV series was American Odyssey which came in 2015. She has since then focused on her directing career.

Her affection life is very little on media with the exception of the way that in 2003 she let the media know that she has been engaged to his longtime boyfriend Peter. She got married to her husband a year later in a very private even in which only family and friends were invited. She has one child with the relationship who was born in 2010. She is very active on the social media platforms as well.

She posts regularly on twitter and Instagram where she has a huge fan following. She has earned a handsome amount of money throughout her career. Her net worth is estimated to be around $4 million. There is her official website as well that has all the details related to her. Currently, she lives in New York City with her handbag, child, and her pets which consist of a dog and three cats.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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