Alison Pill

Born on November 27, 1985 Alison Pill is a famous Canadian actress. She began her career as a child actress because acting was in her blood from an early age. She began her acting career at the age of twelve and since then there has been no looking back. At that tender young age she made her presence felt in various television series and even in films.

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Her natural skills in acting have made her successful at a young age and she also has been nominated for some prestigious awards. Going through her bio we will certainly be able to understand that she has been able to see success at a young age. The television serial The Book of Daniel set her on the road of success and since then she had been able to achieve quite a bit within a very short space of time.

Personal Life

Coming to her personal life and early life, Alison Pill was born in Toronto, Canada. Not much is known about her mother but her father was into financing and he was of Estonian origin. She did her schooling from Vaughan Road Academy. It gave her a chance to hone her acting skills. She was enrolled in an interact program and this gave her a chance to be closely associated with theater, dance, music, and also some bit of athletics. Her passion for dancing also made her attend the National Ballet School of Canada.

She is the wife of actor Joshua Leonard and she got engaged to him in January 2015. They got married in May 2015 after four months of engagement. They have a daughter by the name Wilder Grace and she was born in November 2016. Prior to her marriage with Leonard, Pill also is known to have dated Jay Baruchel who also was an actor.

Though they were engaged for three years from 2011 to 2013, it did not translate into marriage. Her break up with Baruchel was made public by Pill through a Twitter message sometime in February 2013. However, as of now she seemingly has a happy and contented family life with Joshua Leonard.

Net Worth

Her net worth according to latest estimates is around $2 million dollars.


Though she is just 32 years, she has been able to charter a reasonably successful course for her in her acting career. She has been quite successful in films in the big screen, TV acting, theatre and also on the web. She also has made a few successful music videos. Her successful tryst with the big screen started in 1998 when she was just thirteen years old.

Since then she has acted in a number of films. To be precise she has done impressive roles in thirty films and two films are either in post production stage or being filmed. This certainly is no mean achievement and it goes to prove that she has a good following and her roles also have won critical acclaim.

Her success in television has also been quite interesting and worth being proud of. She made her first presence in the small screen in 1997 at the age of twelve. It was titled The New Ghostwriter Mysteries where she did the role of a young child by the name Lucy. Since then she has acted in an astounding 38 titles and many of them have run for eight, nine, eighteen and even twenty five episodes.

18 Dec, 2017