Adrienne Janic is commonly known as AJ. AJ is an actress and TV host. She is famous for hosting Overhaulin’, Hot Import Nights and others.

Personal life

Janic was born in California in 1974. She is currently married to Bud Brutsman. Her father is from Yugoslavia and her mother is Mexican. She did her education in California at Pioneer High School. She graduated from her schoolings in 1992. She has a son with Bud, who was born in 2010.

From the age of six, she was very interested in dancing and acting. She performed a lot in her school a well. She took up community college to get a degree in communication and theatre. She competed for Ford Supermodel of the world, during her college times and lost.

It is not known when they got married. There were numerous rumors about them getting divorced. The most common reason was said to be Bud’s busy schedule. Bud is a film producer and CEO of Rentwood.

She is quite active in social media sites but, she never talks about her husband. She has many tweets about her friends and son but, never about Bud. This was also an important factor for the rumors. Even during exclusive interviews, she never spoke about her husband. Bud never showed up during any of the parties hosted by AJ. AJ is said to be spending a lot of time with her son. There are a lot of pictures of her with her son with Bud missing from the scene as usual. Bud was never associated with any extra marital affairs.

AJ’s past boyfriends and romantic life before her marriage are not known to media. She was never married or engaged before. She never had any serious relationship before Bud. Bud was also not married or engaged before. There are no reasons to why they never shared any information about their marriage or engagement. Only when her son was born, there were news segments in tabloids about their marriage. It is not known whether they married, after she got pregnant.

After rumors of separation rose up, Bud was seen with many women. It is not known whether he was having an affair but, he was clearly not with his wife or son. AJ never talked about any of her marital problems. She did not address the rumors of the separation too.


She started her career as host of Overhaulin’ of TLC. Later, she became the host of Hot Import Nights of Speed Channel. In 2015, she announced that she would be hosting a new show in Velocity TV, Competition Ready.

She has also appeared in a lot of films as ‘extra’. She was also a promotional model for many ad films of soft drinks like Fanta. In 2009, she worked in an infomercial for AbRocket, a fat blasting system. Her first debut in film was in 2001 in Diary of a Sex Addict as Julie. Her lasted appearance was in 2008 in Stiletto as a model. Her fist TV series debut was in Angel in 2000. She was just credited as an attractive girl. She debuted as herself in 2002 for the first time in Jamie Kennedy Experiment.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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