Tyler Harcott

Canada has produced some of the finest actors and Tyler Harcott is one such actor who apart from being popular has also won critical acclaim for his acting talent. Apart from being a reasonably successful actor he also has hosted a number of shows and has been the main anchor for quite a few of them. Ty is around 45 years of age and his exact date of birth is not known. However, Tyler does have quite a few things which perhaps could someday find place in his biography. Let us have a closer look at his achievements over the years. er

Early Life

Though the actor was born in Edmonton, he was brought up in Calgary in Alberta, Canada. He belongs to the white ethnicity and has a Canadian nationality. His exact date of birth is not known but he is around 45 years of age and therefore he must have been born 1973. After completing his education, he started his entertainment career with Red Deer Studio Radio Station in Alberta as a Radio Disc Jockey. This set the actor on course to becoming a highly popular anchor for television. Additionally he also has acted in quite a few films and also has been a producer.

Personal Life

Tyler stands quite tall with a height of six feet four inches and is well built and has a muscular structure. He is considered to be very hot and in many movies he was seen bare-chested as per the requirements of the role which he has portrayed. Therefore as far as his personal life is concerned, he continues to be quite popular amongst women. Hardcott is married to Genevieve Gorder and it is believed that he had dated her for three years. She is also good looking and sexy. However, their marriage has ended in a divorce he now lives separately and his child Belle Harcott is taken care of by his ex-wife.

Net Worth

His net worth should be approximately $1.2 million dollars.


Ty has done quite well in his career. He has won many awards and also has quite a few ler Harcott memorable performances, especially in the small screen. The Junkyard Series and his stint as an anchor with Star TV are some of the many successful showcases for him.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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