Trevor Engelson is famous for producing License to Wed, Remembering Me and others. He is also famous for his ex-wife’s current boyfriend, Harry William, Duke of Cambridge.

Personal life

Trevor was born in 1976 in New York. There is nothing that we know about his parents, siblings or childhood. He never talked about his early days in any media. He has never posted any pictures of him with his parents or siblings in the media, till date. He became a limelight attractor when his dating life became public. Trevor started dating model/actress Megan Markle in 2004. After dating for six years, they got engaged in 2010. They got married in 2011. They got married in Jamaica. He shared a lot of pictures of him with his wife and also details about his marital life in social media. But, the marriage did not last for long. They got separated after two years and got divorced in 2013.

The reason for separation is not known to media. Neither of them came out with the reason for the divorce. The divorce proceedings and settlements are not known to media. It is said that the couple started to fall apart after she started taking frequent trips to Toronto where her TV show, Suits was being filmed. There were no fights between them that is known to the media. It is said that she started involving in a romantic relationship with Cory Vitiello, Canadian restauranteur. There were rumors that she was having an affair with a golfer too. There were no concrete evidences to prove the same and Trevor refused to comment on the same. After divorce, she dated Cory for two years and now she is dating Harry Williams, Duke of Cambridge. It is said that she met Duke when she was still in a relationship with the Canadian chef and she left him for the Duke.

Though Meghan’s personal life after marriage stayed in the limelight, Trevor started to fade away from the spotlight. It is not known whether or not he is single. He did not date anyone immediately after the separation. He was not a part of any celebrity relationship till date. When he was asked about Meghan’s string of boyfriends, he mentioned that he cannot talk about it. Thus, there is very little chance that he would share anything about his personal life to public, any soon.

Even if Trevor has met someone and have started dating, there is very little chance that he would be sharing intimate details or pictures before he gets married. He did not share a lot about his personal life when he was dating Meghan for six years. He might want to keep his personal life away from media after his failed relationship. Meghan has never mentioned about her relationship with Trevor after divorce and neither has Trevor. It is not known whether they had an ugly separation or not.


He took up a degree in School of Communication in California in 1988. He is the owner of Underground, production company in California. He is also the manager for many directors, novelists and screenwriters. He talked a lot about how he reached his current position in many interviews. Trevor had gained a lot of money with his successful venture but, he refuses to share his net worth with the media.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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