Katherine Lanasa

Katherine was born on 1 December 1966 and she was born in Louisiana in United States of America. Name of her father is Doctor James LaNasa and her mother’s name is Anne LaNasa. Katherine’s father worked as a surgeon. It is known that her childhood was spend in Louisiana along with her family and there is no information about her sibling or her education. Katherine had been fond of dancing since she was a 12 years old.

It is known that Katherine started her career in 1989 and she began her career with a movie called Rooftops. The next year, she got a chance to work in Catch fire. With the two shows, her popularity started to increase and got a role in many shows. Some of the famous shows she worked in includes, Touched by an Angel along with the show known as The Practice. In 2001, she got an offer from NBC to work in Three Sisters. She also worked in Judging Amy and The Guardian.

As per the records, Katherine was also featured in shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation along with one of the famous show, Grey’s Anatomy. Katherine also got a chance to work in ER and she also worked in Two and a Half Men. Most of these series were broadcasted on HBO and she was highly popular among her international audience as well. It is known that Katherine worked in a lot of movies as well. Some of the movies she worked in are The Frozen Ground and Alfie.

In 2012, Katherine was offered a role in Deception and later that year she also worked in Longmire. During her career, she worked in over 25 movies and she worked in over 40 TV Shows. She has a huge fan base and it is known that she possess a magnetic personality. She is widely loved for her indigenous work and contribution in the history of Television.

It is known that Katherine had been married thrice and she was 22 when she married for the first time. Her first husband was Dennis Hopper who worked as an actor and her first marriage ceremony was held in 1989. It is known that Katherine divorced her first husband within 3 years of the marriage. She gave birth to a child from this marriage. Later in 1998, Katherine decided to tie a knot with French Stewart. French also worked as an actor and his marriage with Katherine lasted 14 years before the couple decided to file a divorce in 2012.

The same year, Katherine decided to marry her third husband. Name of her third husband was Grant Show and as per the information available, the couple still lives together. From her last marriage, Katherine gave birth to a baby girl. At present Katherine has two biological children. Information about Katherine’s annual salary is not public but it is known that she has a net worth of over 5 Million American Dollars.

Last Modified: May 29, 2020

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