Katee was born on 8 April 1980. She was born in Portland in United States of America. Name of her father is Dennis Sackhoff and her mother’s name is Mary Sackhoff. Her father worked as a land developer and her mother worked as a coordinator for one of the ESL Program. It is known that her childhood was spend in Portland and she completed her education from Sunset High School. She had been fond of swimming and she also wanted to make her career in that field but while she was in school, she injured her knee which made her change her decision. She also has a sibling whose name is Erick and he owns a vehicle customization shop.

Katee started her career with the movie called Fifteen and Pregnant. Her role in this movie was of a teenager who was pregnant. She later got an offer from the show Undressed which was aired on MTV. She later worked in My First Mister. Katee also got to work in Battle start Galactica in 2006 and she was awarded with Saturn Award for her performance in this TV series. The award was given under the category of Best Actress on Television. Katee also got a chance to work in Terminator 2 and her performance was widely loved by her audience. Later, Katee worked in the famous series known as bionic Woman.

Katee also got an offer to work in How I Married My High School Crush and the movie was a huge success. Her role had not been limited to TV. She also worked in video game industry and she is the lady behind the voice of the main character in the game Halo 3. She also worked in Spider Man: Edge of Time. This was in 2011. Her role became more prominent in the animation industry and she got a chance to work n Batman: Year One as well.

Katee worked in shows like The Big Bang Theory and these shows contributed a lot in her success. She was also featured in Power Rangers. She is widely loved her audience for her roles and she had been a role model to many cancer patients. During her career, Katee worked in over 14 films and 31 TV shows. She also worked in about 5 video games. Katee had also been honoured with Fangoria Chainsaw Awards in 2015.

It is known that Katee is in a relationship with Karl Urban since 2014 and she lives with her partner. It is known that Katee suffered from thyroid cancer but she was able to make a quick recovery as she underwent a surgery to get her thyroid removed. She was lucky because that was just the beginning of the cancer and she didn’t had to go through the chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Salary of this American actress is not public but it is known that her net worth is over 4 million American dollars. She also has a lot of followers on Instagram and twitter.

Last Modified: Jul 3, 2020

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