Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook is a handsome and charming South Korean actor and singer popularly known for his role in the tv shows Healer and Smile Again. Ji is currently 31 years old. He was born on the 5th of July 1987.

Ji's bio

Ji's Zodiac sign is Cancer. He is of South Korean nationality. He was born in the city of Anyang in Gyeonggi Province of South Korea and was raised by a single mother after having lost his father while he was in Elementary School. His mother worked in a restaurant to support the family. Ji does not have any siblings. The singer studied at Dankook University.

Ji Chang Wook In Healer

Ji was the lead in the tv show Healer from 2014 to 2015 in which he played the character of an illegal night courier whose code name is Healer. The show aired from 8th December 2014 to 10th February 2015 and had 20 episodes. Other than Healer, Ji worked for many other films and tv shows. He has sung in a few shows. Ji also appeared in few music videos and music theaters. His debut was in the 2006 film Days…, after which followed Sleeping Beauty in 2008. In 2008 itself, Ji debuted in the television show You Stole My Heart where he played the role of Leo Philip. His notable works include Five Finger, Smile Again, Empress Ki, Deah bell 2: Bloody Camp, Fabricated City and several other.

Ji has been nominated for several awards from 2010 to 2017, of which, he won quite a few. He received three KBS drama awards, two in the year 2014 and one in 2011. For his role in Healer, the actor was nominated for five awards of which he went on to win three. He got the Popularity Award, Actor and Best Couple Award with co-star Park Min-Young in 2014 and a Most Popular Actor (Overseas) in 2015 for the same show. Wook won the Best Dressed Actor award, a Best New Actor actor award, a New Star Award and two Excellent Awards from KBS Drama Awards and MBC Drama Awards respectively.

Ji began his compulsory military service in August 2017. His basic training took place in the city of Cheorwon in Gangwon Province, as a part of the 3rd Infantry Division of the Army. After which, he was assigned to the 5th Artillery Brigade of the Army in the same city. He is a Corporal in the Army, after being promoted from the post of Platoon Leader. His military duties will end in April 2019.

Ji Chang Wook’s Look

This 31-year-old Korean actor is as gorgeous as he is talented, if not more. He thanks his parents for his natural double eyelids, which are very hard to come across in Korea, and his wide-set shoulders. It is speculated that Ji underwent a rhinoplasty surgery before Empress Ki in 2013. Even before the alleged surgery, Ji had prominent looks and is a heartthrob among his fans.

Ji Chang Wook’s Height

Ji is nearly six feet tall. Why nearly? Because he is only a quarter of an inch short of the six feet mark. So his exact height is five feet, eleven and three-quarters of an inch (5’11¾ “).

Ji Chang Wook’s Hairstyle

Ji has black hair which he generally keeps short. He has had several hairstyles over the years for the various roles he played. The actor and singer had side parted bowl cut hair at one point and also long hair in the traditional bun in Empress Ki. He looks amazing irrespective of whether he keeps his hair up or down. However, before joining the military service, he had to cut off his hair. But even that did not make him look any less charming if anything it helped highlight his facial features even more.

Is Ji Chang Wook Dating?

Ji is currently single. He has been linked up with multiple girls over the time. He was once linked up with Kim Juri, a model who had been Miss Korea 2009. The duo had been spotted together, a few times. After that, Ji was paired up with Healer co-star Park Min-Young. Though they went on to be the best on-screen couple, nothing translated their on-screen chemistry to one in real life. Recently, Ji is rumored to be in a relationship with Empress Ki co-star Ha Ji-Won.

Both the actors had gone on record to deny it. Ji Chang Wook likes to keeps his personal life shielded from the public. He was in a secret relationship while shooting for the movie Five Finger, which has since ended but Ji did not disclose the name of the person he dated. He claims the next time he is in a relationship, he will not reveal it to the internet either. So maybe he is dating someone right now, who knows.

Ji Chang Wook’s Wife

Ji is not married. He believes in the institution of marriage and says he would get married when the time is right. He is not proactively looking to settle down yet. Ji does not have any kids yet. He would love to have some kids in the future. To be an excellent father is one of Ji’s long-term goals.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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