Annamarie Tendler 

Annamarie Tendler is an American hair stylist and make-up artist. Her makeup tutorials have appeared on several high-end magazines such as Glamour. Also, she is John Mulaney’s wife. Tendler is currently 33 years old. She was born on the 9th of June, 1985.

Birthplace, nationality, ethnicity and zodiac sign

Tendler is an American national and her birthplace is Connecticut, U.S. She belongs to white ethnicity and her Zodiac sign is Gemini. After graduating from high school, Tendler went on to study hairstyling at the Make-up Designory and Vidal Sassoon Academy. After that, she enrolled in Parsons School of Design to study photography. The make-up artist got a Bachelor’s degree in writing and psychology.

Annamarie Tendler’s Career

Tendler began her career in the city of New York after she completed her education, as a makeup artist and hairstylist. Later in December 2007, she started a makeup blog on Tumblr called The Daily Face. Here she posted how she did her makeup and the details thereof. After which, she joined several styling segments on the MTV Style. Her work was appreciated and appeared in magazines such as Glamour and HelloGiggles. Annamarie has also worked on various television series.

Tendler started her own business, which is called Silk Parlor, where she sells handcrafted Victorian era lampshades and other items. She also turned her vlog on Tumblr into a book. She has published two books. The Daily Face: 25 Makeup Looks for Day, Night, and Everything In Between! in 2014 and Pin It!: 20 Fabulous Bobby Pin Hairstyles in 2017, where she demonstrated her make-up and hairstyling talents.

Annamarie Tendler’s Height

Tendler's height is five feet and three inches (5’3”). She is about ten inches shorter than her better half John Mulaney who is six feet and one inch tall.

Annamarie Tendler’s Look

Tendler is a natural brunette with hair, a dark shade of brown. Her eyes are brown too. Annamarie has an oval-rectangular shaped face with well-defined cheekbones and has a healthy slender figure. Her charming smile is no doubt the most attractive aspect about her.

Annamarie Tendler’s style

Tendler does not play it safe when it comes to style. She can often be seen wearing bright colors with prints. She has an unending love for all things vintage and even owns a Dorothy Dickerson dress all the way from the 1950s which she wore for the Met Gala 2017. Being a professional hairstylist and make-up artist, it is obvious that she does her hair and makeup herself and does not even shy away from dying her hair blue sometimes.

Does Annamarie Tendler have a boyfriend?

Tendler does not have a boyfriend as far as the public accounts are to be believed. Tendler got married a few years ago to her long-time boyfriend John Mulaney. The two share a happy married life.

Annamarie Tendler’s Wedding

Tendler got married to John Mulaney at the age of 29. The wedding took place on 5th of July 2014. The ceremony took place at the Boiceville, New York’s Onteora Mountain House. The couple met years ago and since then Tendler knew she would get married to Mulaney. She wrote ‘John is the man I’m going to marry’ way back in February 2010 on a piece of paper which the couple has it framed in their home. The highlight of the wedding, other than the beautiful bride, of course, was that the couple asked the guests to give a donation to the Innocence Project, rather than giving them gifts.

Annamarie Tendler’s Husband

Tendler’s husband John Mulaney is an actor, comedian, producer, and writer. He is currently 36 years old and is a writer and subsequently a host of Saturday Night Life. John also performs stand-up comedy on various shows and platforms. He is also the winner of a couple of Emmy awards and also the Writers Guild of America Awards.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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