Haley Reinhart


Haley Reinhart is American singer and she is best known for covering the song from Elvis Presley called Can’t Help Falling In Love. She became famous when she performed on the American Idol which is the largest talent shows in the country.


From her bio, Haley Reinhart was born in a musician family and she was able to start a singing career when she was still young. When she was three years old, her parents took her to sing in the chorus and at the age of eight years, she started to be serious with her music and she became a member of her parents’ band. The band sings rock music of 1960s and off 1970s. She tried for the ninth season for the American Idol, however she did not succeed. However, she tried once again for the next year and she became one of the three finalists. While on the show, she became well known because of having a sassy attitude and was able to stand against judges. She was receiving harsh comments each week but she became vocal with the sassy responses she had. The confidence and self esteem got her fans from celebrity circle such as Tom Hanks, Kris Allen, Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Page and Lady Gaga. She was also supported by the public and got many votes. After being successful on American idol, she got a contract with Interscope Records and she released the album named Listen Up. Afterwards, she signed the contract with a music publisher called Ole and ICM Partners. She is the first person who contested in American Idol and performed for Lollapalooza feat. While performing, she became to be known as original person and responded to the judges.

Age, sister

When it comes to the age of Haley Reinhart, she was born in the year 1990 and it was in Wheeling, in Illinois. Her mother is Patti Miller Reinhart while the father is Harry Reinhart. The parents were both musicians. They have own band called Midnight. She was born with a younger sister named Angela who is also a singer-songwriter.


When she was in the middle school, she got an award for Most Likely to be on American Idol student since she was determined to do so. She went to Mark Twain Elementary School, then to O.W Holmes Middle School and finished at Wheeling High School. She started to learn about Jazz music at her high school since she joined a vocal group known as Midnight Blues.

Boyfriend, dating

Haley Reinhart is a philanthropist from the time she appeared on American Idol days and she appeared on Do Something Awards of VH1. She worked for Starkey Hearing foundation and Habitat for Humanity. By now, Haley Reinhart is known to be single without a boyfriend, but she was dating Casey Abrams and Stefano Langone.

When it comes to her looks, she is 1.58 meters of height and she always dress to stand out.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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