Nahlah Ayed

Nahlah Ayed is a journalist. She is currently working with the Canadian Broadcasting Company as a foreign corresponded. She is a veteran in reporting many events happening throughout the world and she has her fair share in covering conflicts across the Middle East. Currently, she is living in London. She also worked for the Canadian Press earlier.

Biography of Nahlah Ayed

Nahlah Ayed was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is recorded that she was born in the mid-1970s. She got her degree in journalism from the school of journalism and communication, Carleton University. Nahlah Ayed is a Palestinian by birth. She can converse in Arabic, French, and English fluently. After getting her master’s degree in journalism, she joined the Canadian Press as a parliamentary reporter. After gaining a fair amount of experience in the journalism field, she then joined Canadian Broadcasting Corporation branded as CBC in 2002. Nahlah Ayed also got her Bachelor of science degree in genetics from the University of Manitoba. Due to her dedication, determination and immense passion towards her work and her immeasurable efforts in reporting many conflicts all over the world, especially in the Middle East, the University of Manitoba awarded her with an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws on October 29, 2007.

Nahlah Ayed's age

Nahlah Ayed’s accurate age is not recorded anywhere on the internet but it can be found that she was born in the mid-1970s. So with a rough calculation, it can be estimated that she is somewhere around 40 years old.

The net worth of Nahlah Ayed

Even though her net worth is not mentioned on the internet and cannot be found in any of her posts or interviews, we can see that she is financially sound and she is living a luxurious life. She worked for Canadian press earlier and she is currently working for CBC.

Nahlah Ayed's career

Nahlah Ayed started her career as a parliament reporter for the Canadian press. She is one of the reporters who dedicated their life to report the Middle East conflicts and one of those few reporters who witnessed the Arab uprising from the beginning. In the beginning, her bosses were not clear about sending her to cover the Arab conflicts but with her Arab background and fluency in the Arabic language, she convinced them that she is the perfect candidate for the job. Ayed's interest in covering the Middle East stories made her quit the job in Canada in 2002, then she started working as a freelance reporter. She traveled the Middle East extensively covering vast areas. She managed to contact the leaders of many groups and successfully interviewed them. With her dedication towards her work, she soon got hired by CBC. She also wrote a book called A Thousand Farewells: A Reporter’s Journey from Refugee Camp to the Arab Spring in which she shared her experiences and views on the Middle East conflicts.

Is Nahlah Ayed dating anyone?

Nahlah Ayed is one of those few people who like to keep their personal life personal. Even though she is very active in social media, especially on Twitter, she made no posts about her personal life or her relationships with anyone.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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