Fala was born on 24 February 1982. She was born in Sichuan in China. There is not much information available about her parents but it is known that her childhood was spend in China itself and she attended her school in China until she was 14. In 1996, she moved to United States along with her parents. She completed her education from Goizueta Business School in Georgia. The name of her degree was BBA and she received her degree in May, 2005. She was also the first runner up for Miss Chinese International Pageant in 2005. This was a turning point in her life.

After winning the beauty contest, Fala started getting offers for TV shows and Fala took no time to accept the contracts. Her first contract was signed with TVB which was an eight yearlong contract. She made her debut through Forensic Heroes. After the success of the show, Fala got almost 5 shows in 2007. The year was surely a lucky ne for her. She won the award of Best supporting actress for her work in ‘Steps’. In 2008, she worked in 4 TV series and she got nominated for several awards. 2009 was relatively a cold year in terms of TV series as she could only secure role in ‘The Stew of Life’. But the same year she made her debut in film industry through the movie ‘Turning Point’.

In 2010, her career path again took a flight as she signed for 4 shows and she won two awards. One of the awards that she won was of Best supporting actress and the second award that she won was Asian television award for best actress in supporting role. Fala also signed two movies in 2010. Both the awards were given for her performance in the show ‘No Regrets’. After that, she appeared in 6 more shows until 2014. Her focus had mainly been on films as she appeared in 4 movies since then. Her last movie was released in 2015. The name of the movie was Secret Treasure. During her career, Fala also appeared in the advertisement for Olay and she also worked as the Ambassador for a cancer awareness organization in Hong Kong.

It is reported that Fala started dating Daniel Sit in 2007 and it also came in the news that she married her boyfriend in 2008. It is believed that the marriage is a well-kept secret as Fala never revealed anything about the same in media. Later in 2013, Fala announced that she broke up with Daniel which means Daniel was now her ex-husband. The couple didn’t had any children from the marriage but the next year it was reported that Daniel was not happy about the break up and he is trying his best to win Fala all over again. There was no news of the patch up. Fala’s annual salary is not public and her net worth is also a secret.

Last Modified: May 10, 2020

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