Christopher Lambert

Christopher Lambert is a famous French actor. He is popular for his major appearance in a number of film series and French television shows.

Christopher Lambert was born in the year 1957 on March 29th. He was brought up Great Neck, New York. He belonged from a very educated and high class family. His father worked as a French diplomat in the country and his mother was a homemaker. When he was only three years old, his parents got divorced. His elder brother and Christopher shifted with father as his mother got into a marital relationship with someone else. They shifted to Geneva where his father was transferred. He developed a very strong bond with his elder brother.

When he was only five years old, his elder brother was detected with bone cancer. Though his brother went through several treatments, he could not survive and passed away. He went through a major mental and emotional crisis after his brother passed away. He felt very alone as his only friend was no more with him. He even dropped out from the school because of his lack of attendance and bad academic grades. He kept himself locked up in the room all the time and did not talk to anybody. His health conditions also worsened a lot due to this reason.

His father took him to Paris and settled there to help him overcome the crisis. He went to a new school in Paris and he also started recovering from his state of health. He developed a knack for learning new languages. He is an expert in French and English language. When he went to the university, he started taking interest in theatres and films.

He started doing theatres from his early university days. He was an extremely talented theatre actor and has appeared in many popular theatre shows. A famous director saw his acting in a popular theatre show and offered him supporting roles in many films like Paroles et musique, Lord of the Apes and Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan.

He has received the Ceaser award for the Best Actor for his appearance in Subway in the year 1985. This film was a turning point in his life as it paved the path of success in his career. He made appearances in the films like Asphalte, The Telephone Bar, Highlander, Love Dream,Douchka, Ciao, les mecs, To Kill a Priest, Who’s Minding the Store?, Why Me?, Une Sale Affaire, I Love You, Knight Moves, Légitime violence, The Sicilian, Gunmen, Love Dream, Highlander : The Series, Loaded Weapon 1, The Hunted, Highlander II : The Quickening, Roadflower, Nine Months, Max et Jérémie, Mortal Kombat, Highlander III : The Sorcerer, Mean Guns, Hercule et Sherlock, North Star, Nirvana and many more.

He has appeared in many different types of roles which has made him more popular among the people. He was first married to Diane Lane in the year 1988 but the couple got divorced in the year 1994. Next, he married Jaiymse Haft in the year 1999 but they parted their ways in the year 2007. Later in the year 2012, he married Sophie Marceau but in the year 2014, they got separated.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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