Born on April 15th, 1977 Zak Bagans (Zachary Alexander “Zak” Bagans) is a well known television personality, film actor, author and paranormal investigator. He has been able to earn fame and is the host of the famous Travel Channel Series and also Ghost Adventures. Over the past 40 years, he has been able to create a name for himself and has been able to carve a success story for himself. It would therefore be perfect to have a look at his biography and get to know about his life and achievements.

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Early Life

Bagans was born in Washington D.C. H graduated from Glenbard West High School, situated in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Zak Bagans graduated in the year 1995. He also attended the famous Motion Picture Institute situated in Michigan. After completing his graduation from Motion Picture Institute he had to move to Las Vegas and nurtured a dream to shoot film documentaries. Soon after he arrived in Las Vegas, he was able to start working as a wedding disc jockey. Somehow in his early days of his career, Zak Bagans had a liking and inclination to investigate the paranormal soul and felt that he has had face to face meeting with a suicidal woman. This he believes happened

His Personal Life

Zak would be not untrue to mention that his personal life is not fully an open book. Only part of it is available and there is more that is hidden than is visible. Hence it may not be able for us to fully talk about his married life and other such things. Talking about marriage there are many reasons to believe that he is still unmarried. But at the same time, it would be wrong to state that Baggans is not into any relationship. There are some authentic reports to suggest that he was involved with a lady by the name Christine. This happened sometime during 2013 but it did not fructify and the relationship broke apart for reasons that are not very clear.

However, he again is seemingly into a relationship with a lady by the name Marcy DeLaTorre. The relationship is supposed to be very passionate and it seems he has proposed to her after the first date and Marcy has seemingly accepted it. It will not be surprising if we hear about their marriage in the coming days and if it happens it certainly will be great news for Zak Bagans and Marcy DeLaTorre

Net Worth

His net worth is around $1.5 million dollars.


Coming to the career of Zak Bagans, his first work began with Ghost Adventures which he did in partnership with Aaron Goodwin and Nick Groff in 2004. The first episode took four years to be aired and during the process Bagans talked about some eerie experiences and also received some mysterious scratch marks on his back. The series got over in May 2017, the 14th season by which he was quite famous. He has acted in two films the first one being The Ghost Adventures and one more by the name The Demon House which is still to hit the big screen. He also has done reasonably well in the small screen and in 2011 he came out with Paranormal Challenge and his last one is Deadly Possessions which has been running from 2016 to date.

01 Feb, 2018