Yuki Jackson

Yuki Jackson is a famous name in Mixed Martial Arts world. She is a beautiful girl and she was a wife of Quinton Rampage. She is a popular face at Sports WAG and attended each one of her husband fighting events.

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In her personal life, her husband is popular fighter of MMA and he is a well known actor at Hollywood. He played as Liam Neeson and B.A Baracus. His career in MMA had lasted for over 14 years now and he had attended 38 fights.

Yuki Jackson is a mother of two children, and she is a step mother to two children of her husband from an old relationship. These children are Raja and D’Angelo. Raja was a result of a betrayal during their marriage. After the blood test confirmed that he is child, the two separated afterwards but they came together afterwards. After the reconciliation, all the children came together.

She met D’ Angelo as soon as she got engaged to his husband in the year 2005. Her husband gave birth to D’Angelo when he was still in college and they did not stay together for long with the mother. The mother was doing drug and this is why the child was given to the father. Yuki Jackson’s own children are Naname Nakia and Elijah.

Yuki Jackson‘s biography is not well known but that of husband Quinton Ramone Rampage Jackson. He is American were known in Mixed Martial artist, a retired professional wrestler and an actor. He now plays under Bellator MMA. He played in UFC Light Heavyweight champion and then in Pride Middleweight Championship. Because of aggressive fighting style with eccentric personality helped him to win many times. Jackson became the star of Japan when he participated in Price FAC and it was after moving to UFC. He is among the pioneer of MMA growth to become worldwide sports.

Yuki Jackson was born in Memphis and grew up in difficulties. He was selling the drugs when he was still young and then got involved into the street fights. He growed up in the dysfunctional family since the father was taking drugs and he left the family when he was 10 years old. He started his career while playing in the combat sports like a wrestler at Raleigh Egypt High school when he was a freshman at the school.

While in high school, he became a friend to Jacob Noe, a bellator light heavyweight. He was karate practitioner and taught striking technique to Jackson. Jackson wanted to become a professional wrestler after the school but decided to be amateur wrestler.

When he heard about MMA, he decided to join and trained under the BAMMA fighter called Lewis Rumble. Because he saw how others were becoming successful, he decided to join in this sport. His first title in MMA was against Rocko Hammerhands.

31 Dec, 2017