Yang Mi is a singer and actress of Chinese nationality. She is admired by many people because of her acting skills and beauty. She started to act at the age of four. In the year 1990, she got the role of appearing in Tang Ming Emperor series. Her role is Xianning, a young princess. She also appeared in Wu Zhungyuan Su Qier. She continued and appeared in the King of Beggars and then returned to TV in Hou Wa. When she was 17 years old, she had a role of playing like a simple girl called Guo Xiang for the television series of Return of the Condor Heroes. She was in school, when she got a crucial role of the romantic martial arts action in the series that had been adapted from the Chinese Swordsmen novel. He had a stunning performance in such series and she made an impression to the audience.

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Yang Mi Bio

According to her bio, Yang Mi was born in the year 1986 in the district of Xuananwu. It was in Beijing in China. The father is a police officer and the mother is a housewife. She attended Beijing Xuanwu Experimental Primary School, but it has now become defunct. She continued and enrolled for the Beijing film Academy’s Performance Institute.

Yang Mi  Career

For movies career, in the year 2012, Yang was playing a role of a daughter of a beggar in a martial arts comedy named King of Beggars. Afterwards, she was playing in the role of a daughter of Mr Su for the Heroes Calamity. Other roles she had was in Beijing Fairytale when she was Zhu Zhu, and in Singer, she was the cousin of Xiaoxia.

For the television career, she appeared in The Return of the Condor Heroes. The popularity she got reached to a new level. She appeared in Beautiful Life, Paradin 3, Beauty’s Rival In Palace and Beijing Love Story.

Yang Mi won Shanghai Television Most Popular actress for the role in Palace. For Beijing Love Story, she won China TV Golden Eagle award. She also won the Best Actress for the World Fest Houston International film Festival for the role in the Reset and a Jackie Chan Action movie award for the Best Action Movie Actress for also Reset.

Yang Mi Husband, wedding

Yang Mi got married to Hawick Lau, a singer and actor from Hong Kong. The wedding took place in Bali, Indonesia. Her daughter was born in 2014 in Hong Kong Adventist Hospital. It was through a C-section. The baby is called Noemi Lau and got nicknamed Little Sticky Rice. However, the marriage did not last for long since after divorce and discord rumors between the couple, the two announced officially that they have parted ways. However, they decided to remain friends and to take up their family roles in raising their daughter.

Yang Mi Salary, net worth

Yang Mi is getting enough salary through her TV work and endorsement and her net worth is believed to be over 15 million dollars.

29 Jan, 2019