Vasyl Lomachenko

Vasyl Lomachenko, born Vasyl Anatoliyovich Lomachenko on 17th February 1988, has been a professional boxer of Ukraine. He had been the title holder of WBO Featherweight from 2014 to 2016. He is particularly known for his accuracy, speed, foot movement, excellent timing, and creativity in the ring.

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He currently holds the titles of WBA Super and Lightweight from May 2018. He has to his credit a number of records regarding World Championships. He has won World Championship in the third professional fight. He achieved the distinction of being a two-weight champion in only the seventh fight. He also became a three-weight champion in only the twelfth fight.

Personal Life

Vasyl was born to Tetiana Lomachenko and Anatoly Lomachenko. He spent his early childhood in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi in Ukraine. There is nothing in the record to show how many brothers and sisters does he have. It was his father who coached him since his very childhood. His nationality, as well as ethnicity, is Ukrainian. There are no details available on record regarding his education except that he did his graduation from the South Ukrainian Pedagogical University. As for his bodily details, he has a height of 5’ and 7”. His weight is about 60 kg., and his body is athletic. The color of his hair is blonde while the color of his eyes is blue.

Vasyl is married. He has married an extremely beautiful girl named Elena Lomachenko. However, the actual date of marriage is unknown. They are having together a male child named Anatoly Lomachenko. Much of his personal life is enveloped in mystery. He has not revealed much information about his private life. There is no rumor of any extra-marital relationships or affairs so far. Both husband and wife are leading a peaceful married life, and he has not divorced his wife as yet.


He defeated Abner Cotto in the very first round to win a silver medal in the World Championship 2007. In 2008 Olympics in Beijing, he defeated Yakup Kilic, a Turkish boxer, by points reading 10:1 in favor of Vasyl. He beat Araik Ambartsumova, a Russian boxer, on points which read 7:1 in his favor in the European Championship. He was adjudged to be the best boxer of that tournament. He could not have asked for more when he was declared best sportsperson of the country, Ukraine in 2008.

Vasyl being adjudged the best boxer of the Beijing Olympics 2008 was awarded Val Barker Cup. He participated in the World Championships in 2009 organized in Milan and won the gold medal. After that, he participated in the lightweight category in the World Championship 2011 organized in Baku and again won the gold medal.

In the London Olympic Games 2012, he again won gold in the lightweight category. Thus, he has been an outstanding boxer throughout his career and has won several medals and awards. He is still going strong. He has thousands of followers all over the world on the social media sites, and he is active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. His per his biography, his net worth is unknown.

22 Sep, 2018