Vanessa Murdock

Vanessa Murdock is a TV meteorologist who was born in the long island, New York. She is quite a personality as she has worked with different channels in the United States of America. She is in her late thirties and is well-known as a broadcast meteorologist. During her successful Career, she has been part of famous news channels. She works as a professional broadcast meteorologist for CBS.

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Personal Life

Vanessa Murdock is quite a private person and she has not revealed much of the personal information, including her date of birth. However, estimating from her achievement of the bachelor’s degree and the start of a successful career it can be said that she was born in the early 80s at the long island, New York and was brought up there. Later on, she moved to a small town call Centre Moriches, New York, where she spent a big part of her life. This town has a street named after her grandparent. As far as her education is concerned, she has a master’s degree. She became a professional in the field, she had always wanted. She is also a member of organizations related to her field in the United States.

Even though Vanessa is such a private person yet some of the information can never be kept a secret and when someone like her who is a professional media person, some of the information is always bound to slip out. She is happily married and is in a committed relationship. She has never divorced anyone. She is the mother of two children and she lives in a great neighborhood in New Jersey. On the sports side, she enjoys running and swimming. It is also somewhat known that vanilla latte is her favorite beverage.

Vanessa earned her bachelor’s degree in 2000 from the University of Rochester. Her bachelor’s degree major was ecology & evolutionary biology. After her bachelors, she started working right away. However, she wanted to pursue her dream job so she went on achieving the master’s degree in meteorology from Pen state university in 2005. Soon after her masters, she began her journey towards her dream job.


Murdock has also acquired the certification “Certified Broadcast Meteorologist” from the American Meteorologists Society. She worked as a weather reporter and anchor in different news channels in Charlottesville like FOX and ABC. After working for 2 years in Charlottesville, she went on to join the Viper weather team. She has also been a reporter for the Hurricane Irene which was one of the most terrible Hurricanes.

After all these years of experience, she joined the top-ranked weather news channel network CBS and started working as a broadcast meteorologist. She is the member of the American Meteorologist Society and National Weather Association. Her experience has led her to be a meteorological adjunct instructor at Virginia Wesleyan College.

Vanessa's biography contains different aspects of personal and professional life. For her excellent services in the field, she has been nominated for an Emmy award news reporting. There is no authentic source to confirm her net worth as she is a private person. However, being a well-known media personality must pay a lot.

25 Oct, 2018