Vanessa Mathison

Vanessa Mathison is a former Puerto Rican model and businesswoman. She is well-known for being Cameron Mathison's wife. Mathison is a Canadian actor and hosts best known for Ryan Lavery in the American soap opera TV series All My Children.


Vanessa Arevalo was born in Puerto Rico on April 19. Her actual birth year is unknown. Furthermore, she was born with Puerto Rican nationality. Her ethnicity is of Hispanic heritage.

There is no information on her parents or siblings, as well as their backgrounds. Similarly, Vanessa Arevalo has not formally acknowledged her academic and intellectual credentials because she has kept them private. On the other hand, Vanessa Arevalo became a successful model and took on several modeling tasks after graduating from college.

Modeling and Fashion

Vanessa Mathison had modeled for 18 years before taking a break to have children. She has never been a stranger to public attention, and she understands the weight of being in the spotlight.

Her shift into being a mother forced her to adapt to her career. She expanded beyond modeling to becoming a fashions designer courtesy of her partnership with Niccole Kroll. The relationship was forged into an alliance of a clothing line known as KEA + JOBY.

Vanessa explained how she became a partner for a clothing brand called KEA + JOBY, "The clothing was already in existence! It was founded by Niccole Kroll here in New York City, and it was the smallest little collection that she sold to five stores in the Upper West Side. I was a fan of the clothing line, and she had a cult following, just here with the Upper West Side moms. I met her one day, just through a play date, and we started talking. She said, "I'm going to walk away from the business; it's just too much with three children." I told her, absolutely do not walk away from this business. I will be your business partner. And she said, "I'd never even thought about that. I would love that; let's do it!" So, I joined, and Niccole and I became full partners a year ago. Within four months, we went from selling in five local stores here in Manhattan to over 150 across the United States. All [KEA + JOBY] needed was exposure."

The point of the clothing line was to make special clothing for unique kids, "The clothes sell themselves, they're fantastic. They're so soft that the kids don't want to take them off. The style is so clean and basic; there's a sophistication to them. And they don't look like every other child's clothes on the playground. You want your child to look special."

Married to a Soap Opera Hunk

Vanessa Mathison is the wife of Cameron Mathison, a renowned actor, and heartthrob. The couple has successfully maintained their love and intimacy since July 27, 2002. They are the proud parents of two beautiful children. Vanessa's husband, Cameron, has never been faced with rumors regarding his fidelity or sexual orientation. He has no reason to have his eyes wander anywhere else. He has a beautiful wife to come home to and is never tempted by anyone else. Even though he has hundreds of women knocking down on his door, he ignores them. He was already able to experience the bachelor life before he got married to Vanessa. After he married her, he realized that he only needed one woman in his life.


Cameron Mathison is a talented 38-year old actor featured on All My Children for many years. His role made him popular enough to be asked to compete on Dancing with the Stars. The dancing show pairs up a celebrity with a professional dancer to compete with other teams. Cameron had a good time during his season on the show, even though he didn't win. He enjoyed being teased by his wife for his dance moves. Even though he lost the competition, he still felt that Mathison won because he could bring some professional dancing moves that he learned back home to his wife.

Vanessa is a proud mom to Lucas Arthur Mathison and Leila Emmanuelle Mathison. The birthday dates of their two children Leila and Lucas, are July 7, 2006, and April 20, 2003, respectively. These two children have been a source of joy in Vanessa's life and have gone a long way in strengthening her marriage bond with Cameron. Sometimes having children can bring a couple together or tear them apart. Vanessa and Cameron were fortunate that their children only made them more robust because they had the combined goal of raising them to be the best they could be.

Cameron and Vanessa have had a great marriage since 2002 and are currently residing in Los Angeles, California. Based on his Instagram posts, it is apparent that Cameron dearly loves his wife with no stories or whispers of Cameron being involved in extra-marital affairs with other celebrities or women. Vanessa's husband, Cameron, ensures that he spends his time in a manner that is an excellent fit for his family and his career by providing balance in his work and life dynamic. Cameron's primary goal is to purchase a new house for his growing family to settle in.

Husband's Acting Career

Cameron was born on August 25, 1969, and had a hard time growing up. In his early childhood days, Cameron received special supervision from his parents since he was diagnosed with the Legg-Calve-Perthes disease in his leg. As a result, he was set up with leg braces that helped keep him up. Cameron's father had successfully ventured into the world business while his mother engaged in homemaking. Cameron's disability did not deter him because he had the love and support of his parents.

Due to his fame and celebrity status, Cameron Mathison's career credits overshadow his wife's, but there is no jealousy among them. He has been actively engaged in acting at a professional level. Among his most memorable characters portrayed was his role as Ryan Lavery on All My Children. His stint as the character lasted from 1997 to 2002. Cameron wasn't able to become a movie star, but he didn't mind. He enjoyed working on a soap opera because he was able to make lifelong friends. The show required a lot of long days of rehearsals and shooting. During the downtime, the cast would get the chance to learn about each other which would often lead to great friendships.

Hobbies and other pursuits

Vanessa is a passionate animal lover, with tortoises being her favorite, and she also adores dogs, particularly Pugs. She has volunteered at several animal shelters and supports People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Vanessa enjoys traveling and has visited numerous Canadian towns since marrying Cameron and many US states and several European countries — her favorite travel destination being Paris, France.

In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies, and her favorite actors and actresses are Channing Tatum, Ryan Reynolds, and Natalie Portman, and her favorite films are "Dear John," "The Notebook," and "Leon: The Professional."

Last Modified: Aug 19, 2021

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