Valerie was born in 14 November 1956. She was born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Valerie was born in Shiraz in Iran. The name of her father is James E Bowman and the name of her mother is Barbara Taylor Bowman. It is known that her parents are American. Her father worked as a pathologist in Iran. He worked in Iran because America was doing a project where in the American Doctors were helping developing nations like Iran. The help was given in field of farming and health care.

It is known that her childhood was spend in Iran, London and even Chicago. It is also known that her mother laid the foundation of Erikson Institute. Valerie went to Northfield Mount Hermon to complete her graduation and she later enrolled in Stanford University to pursue a course in psychology. After completing the course from Stanford University, she went to University of Michigan Law School. Later in her life, Valerie also received a doctorate from Colby College. Valerie is fluent in French, English and Farsi.

In 1987, Valerie made entry in politics and she started her career as Deputy Corporation Counsel. She was working for Finance and Development under Mayor Harold Washington. She worked in the department till 2005 and for the last ten years of her tenure, she worked as chairwoman of Chicago Transit board. She was also the CEO of a private company and she later left the job.

It is known that she even worked at prestigious Chicago Stock Exchange for 7 years starting from 2000. Valerie also worked for University of Chicago and she was a part of Board of Trustees. Later she was lucky enough to be chosen by President Barack Obama and she was given a position of advisor. She worked with the president until his term lasted and until President Donald Trump took over the Whitehouse. She held many positions during her tenure with President and it is known that she helped president in making many important decisions.

In 1983, Valerie decided to get married and she choose William Robert Jarret as her life partner. It is known that William’s mother, Vernon Jarrett worked for Chicago Sun Times as a reporter. She gave birth to a daughter after getting married and she later revealed that she didn’t plan to have more children. The marriage didn’t last long as the couple filed for a divorce in 1988. Her ex-husband worked as director of gynaecology. He worked at Jackson Park Hospital. It is also known that the couple didn’t follow any religion and didn’t believe in god either.

Valerie’s annual salary is estimated to be 172 thousand American Dollars and there is no clear information about her net worth. The net worth is estimated to be between 3.3 Million US Dollars to 13 Million US Dollars. The spread of estimation is huge hence there is no clarity in the same. Valerie is quite popular on twitter and she often uploads a lot of quotes on the micro blogging platform.

Last Modified: Aug 16, 2021

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