Trevor Wentworth

Trevor Wentworth is a well known musical artist of the industry. He is known for his major skills in the musical field.

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Personal life

Trevor Wentworth was born in the year 1993 on June 16th. He grew up in New Hampshire in the United States. He was born to his Irish parents. Trevor’s father was a film producer and his mother was a renowned model of the glamour world. As he was the only child of his parents, they had many expectations from him.

Trevor’s mother always wanted to make him an actor in the future while his father wanted to keep him at a distance from the glamour world. Trevor’s father thought that the glamour world might distract him from his studies and career. Trevor, as a child, was very obedient and polite. Though he always did whatever his parents asked him to, he never preferred to be a part of the glamour industry.

During childhood, he was always interested in sports and music. He loved to play golf during his early teenage years but his passion for music grew from early childhood. Trevor used to play guitar and piano when he was only five years old. Initially, he learnt playing guitar from his cousin. As his parents remained busy most of the time, he considered music as his refreshment.

Even in his school, he was a member of the musical club. Trevor was more devoted towards music than his education. He did not pay much attention to the studies due to his passion for music. Trevor has also participated in the cultural fest of his school. Though he lacked confidence initially, and had stage fright but his confidence increased as he started taking part in many competitions across the world.

Trevor wanted to create an identity of his own through music. According to his biography, Trevor is married to his band mate Crystal Linaer. The couple has dated each other for quite a long time before tying the knot. Their relationship has been a controversial affair in the media and their secret marriage has been one of the most popular gossips in the industry. The couple has also been blessed with a son. Trevor is very active on the social media and shares information about his life with his fans.


When Trevor was in high school, he formed a music band with three of his friends. They named the band as Our Last Night. The four friends were very popular in their school due to their music talent. The band has also gained recognitions by participating in many events and competitions. Trevor owned a YouTube channel in the name of the band where they used to share the song videos of their band.

Initially, they did not have much number of viewers or subscribers in their channel but as the group started performing better and appeared in some of the worldwide performances, their popularity grew. Trevor has also done a few recordings for other television commercials, which has further added to his fame and net worth.

09 Jan, 2018