Travis Willingham

Travis Willingham is an American actor and he offers voices for English language dubs of the Japanese anime shows, videos games and cartoons. He became famous when he was voice acting for Roy Mustang, in the dub of the fullmetal alchemist. He continued with the same role when he was in the fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The other roles he had included Ginko for Mushishi, Yu Kanda in the D. Gray-man, Glass Fleet, Ouran High School Host club. He was Thor in the Marvel Cartoons and in Video games of King Roland II for the Disney Junior show, called Sofia the First. From the year 2010, he voiced the Knuckles of The Echidna in Sonic the Hedgehog series. He was then a cast member for the Critical Role. The series was published by Geek and Sundry when Travis Willingham with other actors did participate in the Dungeons & Dragons.

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Wife, married

Travis Willingham is married and his wife is also a voice actor called Laura Bailey. They got married in the year 2011. They live in Los Angeles. Laura is a voice actor who appeared in World of Warcraft, the Uncharted Franchise and Street Fighter and Animes such as Gunslinger girl, Suzuka and Negima. He is a father to a son called Ronin born in the year 2018.


From his bio, Travis Willingham participated in the Triathlons. He is an accomplished voice actor at the age of 37 since he was born 1981. Even if he is an accomplished actor, most details about his life are kept away of and he does not like to talk about it too much. His mother is called Patricia Mueller and he was born with a younger brother called Carson Willingham.


For his education, he attended Woodrow Wilson High School in the year 1999. He attended Texas Christian University and he did Theater Performance. He finished the school in 2003.

After finishing his high school, he appeared before the camera with the appearance in Prison A-go-go and in Secondhand Lions.

As he continued to act, his on camera appearance did not succeed as it happened with his voice acting credits. He appeared in Dragon Ball Z first and he voiced this character before his graduation from Texas Christian University. He had been behind many characters in anime and cartoons.


When it comes to his looks, Travis Willingham is known to be fitness enthusiasm even if he does not always appear in the movies, he has excellent body shape. He became a finalist for the Irene Ryan Competition for the actors and it took place in Washington D.C. His tall with 6 feet with 4 inches and he likes to dress casually.

Net worth

With two decades working with big franchises such as DC and Marvel, he has been able to make a net worth of 6 million dollars.

10 Jan, 2019