Tracy Anderson 

Tracy Anderson was born in the year 1975, in the city of Noblesville in Indiana. For her nationality, she is American. She is a multi platform author and pioneer. She came to be well known because of The Tracy Anderson Method. Some of her famous clients include Bethenny Frankel, Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Greene, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jake, Shakira, Courtney Cox, Lena Dunham, Nicole Richie and Gwyneth Paltrow.

From her biography, her mother is Diana Ephlin and she trained in Dance when she was still young. She wanted to become a professional dancer in the city of New York. When she gained 40lb as she came in New York City, she switched her focus and started weight loss and fitness training. She has a gym found at Los Angeles, London, The Hamptons and New York City. She has an on line fitness program known as TA Video steaming and the subscribers get a new workout program every week as it has been filmed in real time at one of the studios.

She had launched a DVD with pregnancy workout and it targets women who are in their pre or post natal period. People who use her DVD, feel as if they are in real studio.

Tracy Anderson had helped a good number of people in reaching their fitness objectives. Each one of her studio is equipped with talented instructors, tools and support. Every program is customized to match the needs of her clients and to help in achieving the complete physical transformation. While talking about the latest studio that she opened in New York, she says that it is epic with retail area and lockers. There is also a workout room with a juice bar.

Tracy Anderson is married to Mathew Mogol since the year 2011 but in just two years of the marriage, they decided to divorce. She has two children, to a girl Penelope and a son of 18 years old born from the first husband Eric.

As a celebrity trainer, she was asked the worst and best celebrities that she had trained, She said, the worst was Miss Piggy since it was the toughest sessions she had. With Gwyneth, they came to be friends and Tracy becomes a friend and business partner. However, she stopped to train her since she is fond of cutting the music and she likes odd music. However, she says that the favorite trainees were Drew Barrymore and Lena Dunham. She loved her while growing up and she enjoyed their entire career. When it comes to Jennifer Lopez, she says she is incredible performer and she does not complain but if any of the kids enter in the workout, then other things will stop. She loves Robert Downey. Her net worth is believed to be over 110 million dollars. Tracy Anderson twitter twitter is @Tracyanderson her Instagram account is @tracyandersonmethod, facebook page is Tracy Anderson Method.