Tracey Mcshane

Tracey Mcshane was working like a veterinary technician, animal advocate and graphic designer. She is the wife to the Jon Stewart, a well known comedian.

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Tracey Lynn Mcshane was born in the year 1968, in the city of Philadelphia. She did her studies at San Francisco and then attended California College of Arts and Crafts in the year 1990. She took up designing class at Drexel University and was working as Graphic designer.

McShane also studies to become a veterinarian after her husband started to work at The Daily Show. She worked on different jobs and continued to think that she did not like the jobs she was doing. She started to work at Bronx Zoo and she owns Moomah, The magazine.

Tracey Mcshane got attention of the media at the time when she got married to Jon Stewart. Stewart is well known as media critic, actor, director, producer and writer. The two met when they went to a blind date in 1995 and they met at a Mexican restaurant. This is when the TV show of Jon was canceled and he was vulnerable.

When they met, they started a relationship and they stayed together for 7 years. At a time, Tracey talking to her roommate, she said that she would like to have a boyfriend like Stewart but she did not know that they will meet and become her wife.

For her personal life, Tracey Mcshane has two children with Jon and they are Nathan Thomas Stewart and Maggie Rose Stewart.

At the beginning, Tracey with her husband, they were involved into long distance relationship and after sometime, Jon proposed using a crossword puzzle which he asked Will Shortz to create.

Their engagement was announced in the year 1999 and after one year, they got married in the year 2000. Their first son was born in 2004 and their daughter was born in 2006.

Tracey Mcshane grew up around animals and become an animal lover. His household included two fishes, one hamster, one parrot, two guinea pigs, three rabbits, four pigs and four dogs. Together with her husband, they have a farm found in New Jersey and they want to make it a sanctuary where rescued animals can stay. It is affiliated to Farm Sanctuary, a national rescue group. Steward has a memoir called Do Unto Animals: a Friendly Guide about how animals do live and how it is possible to make their lives to be better. This is a book written about the animals and how someone can take good care of them.

Tracey Mcshane was arrested because of driving with the suspended license. She paid a ticket one week earlier but the check had not been processed so her car was taken. She was handcuffed and was photographed smiling. She was booked and Central Booking office and her fingertips taken.

26 Feb, 2018