Tommy Lee is a popular songwriter and musician of the industry. He is also a famous drummer, DJ and rapper of the music world.

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Tommy Lee was born in the year 1962 on October 3rd. He was born in Athens, Greece. His parents originally belonged from Los Angeles, California in the United States. He was born to his Greek parents, Vassiliki Papadimitriou and David Lee Thomas Bass. He grew up with his younger sister in a suburban area. Tommy’s father worked in the army and due to this, he had to move to many places with his family.

When he was only a year old, he came back to California with his family. His mother was a popular model of the glamour world. She always wanted her children to follow the same path to which his father strongly disagreed. Tommy was hardly interested in the glamour and fashion world of the industry. He developed a strong interest towards instrumental music from an early age.

Initially, as a child, Tommy used to play the utensils of the kitchen. Seeing his dedication towards the instrumental music, his parents sent him to a popular music school of the town. His sister was similarly dedicated towards instrumental music just like her brother. He went to the South Hills High School from where he completed his high school education. He also formed a musical band with some of his friends in his high school.

Lee used to play guitar, piano and drums and took special classes for playing drums in his school. He really enjoyed playing drums as he thought that it helped him to release stress and get rid of depression. Tommy, along with his group members, worked very hard to popularise their music group. After earning popularity among the people, he went to the Royal Oak High School to perform musical concerts. He also have a number of fans for his music talents. Besides that, he also recorded various music albums when in university which further added to his fame.

Tommy decided to focus on his passion rather than his profession. He wanted to record albums which would go with his passion for music. He started recording solo albums which became more famous among the people than the music albums recorded by him earlier in his career.

Tommy also has a successful television career where he has imparted the role of an actor and as well as a producer. He has appeared in the television series of NBC, Tommy Lee Goes to College. He was also the producer of the show and it has also gained a lot of popularity among the people. Tommy is now engaged to Sofia Toufa but he has been married thrice in retrospect. He was previously married to Pamela Anderson and also have children from her. Before that, he was married to the popular actress Heather Locklear. Initially, Tommy was married to Elaine Starchuk.

17 Feb, 2018