Timothy Hawking

Timothy Hawking (April 15, 1979) is the youngest son of the famous author, physicist, cosmologist, Stephen Hawking. His father Stephen also worked at the Center of Theoretical cosmology as a Director of research. Timothy’s mother, Jane Beryl Hawking Jones is an author best known for her book “Travelling to Infinity with Stephen”. Timothy grew up in England with his elder brother and sister, named Robert Hawking and Lucy Hawking respectively. Presently, Timothy Hawking works at “LEGO” as a marketer.

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Early Life, Education and career

Timothy Hawking was born to Stephen Hawking and Jane Beryl Hawking Jones on April 15, 1979, in St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK. He has two siblings, a sister named Lucy Hawking and a brother named Robert Hawking. Currently, Lucy is a famous author & journalist and Robert is a software engineer. In terms of education, Timothy studied French and Spanish from the Exter University in England and later attended the University of Birmingham. He worked for many small firms before getting hired by LEGO as a loyalty executive. He got promoted later because of his determination and hard work.

Personal Life

Timothy Hawking is known for his shy nature and unlike his father, he likes to keep his personal life away from the limelight. His father, Stephen Hawking suffered from motor neuron disease and speech impairment due to which there was a communication gap between them for five long years. However, both father and son had a passion for formula one car race and chess which kept them close. Later, with the help of a voice synthesizer, Stephen used to communicate with his friends, family and people from the professional circle.

In 1990, his parents got divorced. In 1995, Stephen remarried again to a nurse, Elaine Mason and his mother, Jane, married Jonathan Hellyer Jones in the year 1996. However, Jane remained cordial towards Stephen after their separation and helped him battle his health issues. Stephen and Elaine got divorced in 2006. Stephen Hawking died on March 14, 2018. The biography of Stephen Hawking “Travelling to Infinity with Stephen”, which was written by his ex-wife, Jane Beryl Hawking Jones, was turned into a movie named “The theory of everything” in 2014. Watching the young days of his father in the film made Timothy really emotional as he never knew what his father’s childhood and teenage was like.

Timothy’s elder brother, Robert Hawking, works at Microsoft and leads a fulfilled life with his wife and three beautiful children, Edward, Mary and Philippa. Lucy Hawking, Timothy’s sister, is a renowned author and journalist . She has done considerable work for The Guardian, The Daily Mail and The Times. She is also involved in radio journalism. Lucy is blessed with a son named William Smith.

As for his personal life, Timothy is single and as per sources he is not even dating anyone. Timothy is a dog lover and often post pictures of dogs on his Instagram account. He uses LinkedIn and other business related platforms to communicate with his professional circle.

18 Oct, 2018