Tevin Campbell

Tevin Campbell, born as Tevin Jermod Campbell on 12th November 1976, has been a U.S. actor, songwriter, and singer. He had been very passionate about singing from his childhood days and performed gospel in the neighborhood church. At the age of mere twelve, Campbell went through an audition taken by a renowned jazz musician named Bobbi Humprey. Based on that audition, he joined Warner Bros. Records.

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Tevin Campbell is particularly famous for his roles in such films as Boys in the Hood in 1991, Steel in 1997, and A Goofy Movie in 1995. He is also immensely popular due to his single entitled “Tell Me What You Want Me To Do” which was a great hit. He released his next album entitled “I’m Ready” which achieved double platinum status.

Personal Life

Tevin had a passion for singing and music since his childhood days. He performed gospel in local church, and after a few years, he was drafted as a soloist by Joshua Chapel in a tiny township situated in Dallas, Texas. The name of his mother was Rhonda who had been nicknamed “Little Aretha”. She had been working in the postal department and had the greatest influence on Tevin. Much is not known about Tevin’s father with whom Tevin is said to have no relation. He has a sister as his sibling.

It is still not known whether Tevin is married or not. He has kept his private life a guarded secret. Recently, a rumor has surfaced about his molestation by Quincy Jones during his minority. Other information about his personal life is missing. It is not known whether he is in a relationship with anyone or not. Since he has not married as yet, he has not divorced anyone. Tevin has denied being gay.


Tevin had been passionate about music and made a steady progress in this field. His mother encouraged him and arranged for an audition which eventually led to his meeting with Benny Medina. Benny had been serving as the senior vice president of WB and general manager sales for black music. This meeting was a grand success, and it became a launching pad of Tevin’s career.

It was in 1989 that Tevin debuted as a musician with the song entitled “Tomorrow (A Better You, A Better Me)” in collaboration with Quincy Jones. Tevin brought out a single named “Round and Round” in November 1990 which attained number three position in the R&B chart. It also led him to get nominated for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance during the 33rd Grammy Awards.

In 1991, he brought out his first album of full length entitled “T.E.V.I.N.” which included the hit song “Tell Me What You Want Me To Do”. Tevin’s name and fame was on the rise continuously. However, he had been arrested for some oral sex-related offense and was fined. It halted his progress. However, he resumed his stint with music in 2009. He has also been an actor of repute. As per his biography, Tevin’s net worth is estimated at $2 million.

01 Nov, 2018