Terria Joseph

Terria Joseph is a very beautiful lady who is a famous Hollywood actress. She was previously married to Craig Cook and is currently single. Biography Her real name is Teresa M. Augello. She was born in Detroit in the state of Michigan in the country of United States of America. Terria is currently 67 years of age and was born on 8th May 1950.Her father name is Joseph L Augello who is popularly known as Little Joe. Her father worked as a News journalist and has also did some roles in famous movie series Green Hornet. He was also a radio jockey for some time in his life.

In her early life, Terria Joseph moved to Toledo in the state of Ohio. Her ethnicity is white and her nationality is Irish-Italian. Terria Joseph is currently 67 years of age but looks like a woman in her early forty. She follows a healthy diet plan and works out daily. She is got a good height of five feet and five inches and a splendid figure of 32 28 32.She has got blonde boy cut hairs and her eye color is brown. She weighs around 51 kilograms.

Personal Life

Terria completed her high school from the University of Toledo. She completed her graduation from New York City prestigious college of arts. She was quite good looking in her childhood and did a few fashion shows in her teenage. Terria loved listening to jazz music and dance. She was also good in playing football and volleyball. Her favourite movie star was Al Pacino and her favorite female movie star was Marilyn Monroe. She also joined acting school in her early childhood. Her father also wanted her to be an actress.

She met Craig Cook who was a flight attendant during her flight from Italy. Terria was not an actress at that time. The duel soon started dating each other and got engaged soon. After engagement, they got married in a few months. The duo divorced in year 1983.The couple together had a daughter named Alicia Cook. Currently, she is not dating anyone nor have we heard anything else about her dating life. She is currently a single mother and is living happily with her daughter.


Terria began her acting career when she was 25 years of age. She got her first major hit from the movie ‘Police story’. She also got the award for best supporting actress for that movie. Since then she has starred in more than 70 movies and is currently engaged in television series. She also has opened her acting school where she works with her daughter. She also is a producer in her own television series ‘The velvety Forest’.

Net worth and Social Media

Terria’s net worth is around 8 million dollars which she earned by her acting career and her production house and also by her acting school. She is still earning a handsome salary from her acting. Terria Joseph does not use any social media. Any news about her comes from the social media account of her daughter.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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