Terence Tao

Terence Tao was born in Australian and he is American mathematician who contributed greatly to the mathematics field. He got the fellow of the Australian Academy of Science and he is a fellow to the Royal Society. He got interested into the mathematics from the time he was still too young. He achieved the success through his work at the age of 10 years. Tao with a Lenhard NG, they are the only two mathematician who were able to achieve 700 in the Math section of SAT.

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He became well known because of the works he did like Kakeya Conjecture, Tao’s Inequality, and Green Tao Theorem with Horn Conjencture. Tao had won different awards and he is an author of many other books. By now, he focuses more on other geometric combinations like arithmetic combinators, algebraic combinatorics, partial differential equations, harmonic analysis and geometric combination. He is also a teacher at UCLA, in the department of Mathematics.


From his bio, Terence Tao was born in the city of Adelaide in the year 1975. His mother is called Grace and worked as a school teacher for physics and mathematics in Hong Kong. His father is Dr Billy Tao and he worked as pediatrician. Dr Billy Tao’s city of Birth is in Shanghai and he got MBBS Degree at University in Hong Kong in the year 1969. Grace, his mother, got a first class honors degree in mathematics and physics at the University of Hong Kong.

Tao was born with two brothers, Nigel and Trevor and they both live in Australia. Nigel and Trevor had represented Australia on the international Mathematical Olympiad. The two brothers have contributed greatly to the mathematics field. When he was two years old, the parents begun to see a difference in him, he would be teaching five years children addition and spelling. When the parents asked him, he said that he learned about it at Sesame Street while watching television.

Tao started to attend the classes from Flinders University found in Adelaide while also attending Blackwood High school. The first paper was submitted when he was only 15 years old.

Personal life

When it comes to his personal life, his parents met when they were at the University in Hong Kong. Afterwards, they emigrated to go to live in Australia. This is where they gave birth to Tao. He is married and his wife is called Laura and she works in NASA as engineer in Jet Propulsion Laboratory. They have already a son with a daughter and they do live in the city of Los Angeles. He has no record of having any divorce before.


Tao had contributed to mathematics in a great deal. He has produced 300 research papers and over 17 books up to now. He can be followed on his wordpress website under the name of terrytao. His salary at the university is 504,089 dollars while his net worth is not recorded yet.

27 Feb, 2019