Scott Leo Taye Diggs happens to be a well known actor as well as a very talented singer belonging to the African American ethnicity. Currently aged forty seven, he was born on 2nd January in the year 1971. His birthplace is the charming town of Newark, situated in New Jersey, USA. Although he has performed in many TV series, his most admired role happens to be in " Hedwig and the Angry Inch' and a Broadway Musical named 'Rent'.

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'Rent' went on to win the prestigious Pulitzer Prize. It also starred Idina Menzel, who later became his wife. He married Idina in 2003. Their marriage lasted for eleven years before they mutually separated in 2014. Personal Life Although his birthplace is in New Jersey, Taye spent most of his childhood in the Rochester City, New York. His mother's name is Marcia, who happens to be a senior teacher in a locally reputed institution as well as a well known actress.

His father is Andre Young, who works as a full time visual artist and is himself a famous name in TV industry. During his childhood, he went to the Allendale Columbia School, which was the most reputed school of the region. Diggs spent a lot of years studying in this school before getting himself transferred to School of Arts. He did his graduation from the well known Syracuse University, passing with a BFA degree.

Taye has four siblings with him being the oldest of them all. His siblings include two brothers, named Gabriel and Michael, and two younger sisters. He got interested in the art of acting at a very young age. By the time he was in the high school, he was already playing demanding roles in various plays in several of the well known theatre groups of the time. He was the co ordinator of the school's official drama and theatre club. He performed at the popular theatre of Lakes Region Summer Theatre multiple times.

This was in New Hampshire after years of struggle, he got his first Broadway debut in the year 1994, when he was invited to be a cast of the musical 'Carousel', which went on to with the reputed Tony award. Known for his versatility, he also performed as an ace dancer in the Caribbean Carnival at the Disneyland, Tokyo. Career Taye spent most of his initial years of career performing on theatre stages.

It was only after a very long struggle in the field when he finally started getting Television roles. His debut in the Television industry came with a role in the famous soap opera known as 'Guiding Light'. He went on to play many iconic roles in several well known TV series like that of Sky Bell in Law and Order, Jackson Duper in Ally McBeal, Adrial Hill in Guiding Light, Agent Wesley Davis in The West Wing, Angelo DuBois in Empire, Mike Boyce in Rosewood, Levine Wilkins in The Good Wife, Artie in New girl, Aaron Davis in NCIS, Terrance English in Murder in the First, Greg in Better Off Ted, Dr Sam Bennett in Private Practice, Brett Hopper in Day Break, Black Panther in The Super Hero Squad Show etc. after years of working with small budget TV shows he earned himself his first movie debut in the popular film, 'How Stella Got Her Groove Back'. This movie got him the fame and admiration of his audience, which he desperately needed for his further success in the movie industry.

17 Feb, 2018