Talinda Ann Bentley was born on April 20, 1980 in Phoenix, Arizona. There are no any details about her early years, educations as well as family. She was raised in Phoenix along with her siblings. That is known that she started her model career during the college years. With new meeting, being an attractive girl some people in the industry made to her business proposal.

She begins her career in Playboy magazine in the early 2000s. She was very passionate and serious in her dreams and at the early time she was planning to start her career. The peak of her career came in 2002 - 2004, when she actively appeared on the page of the popular male monthly publication. Her impressive photo sessions brought her considerable success in the modeling business. Possessing a catchy figure, a piquant tattoo, she repeatedly got on the cover of the magazine forever inscribing herself in its history.

Now Talinda is engaged with children and mostly moved away from the modeling career, devoting herself to the family and her husband. She often attends public events with her husband. They are a very united team and they are often seen together resting on the beach or sports matches. Talinda likes sport a lot, and together with her husband, she is a big fan of her homeland teams “Arizona Cardinals”, “Arizona Diamondbacks”, “Arizona Coyotes” as well as Phoenix Suns”.

Thanks to her husband, their family is very successful and Talinda is confident in the future. Raising her children, she tries to find herself in a new field, helping her husband in the filming process as well as in producing new projects and preparing for new music tours of his band. She is a very good looking woman, who has attractive tattoos. As she said, her husband very likes stuff like that and is supportive with body art. After being so popular and so successful she is still very calm and collected.

She is a married woman. Her husband is a musician and singer, Chester Charles Bennington, who is mostly recognizable to be a lead vocalist of Linkin Park and Dead by Sunrise band. They tied their married knot in the 2005. Their wedding party was custom designed with a lot of famous guests. It was the second marriage of Chester, with his first wife Samantha Olit he has three children. T

alinda and Chester met each other in the early 2000s, when she already reached her level of fame as a model. They definitely have seen most of what marriage has to offer. She is not involved in any kind of extramarital affairs and it claims that they both are devoted to each other. The couple is blessed with three children, beautiful twins Lily and Lila and son Tyler Lee Bennington. Her total net worth is not disclosed by any source. The net worth of her husband is approximately 25 million dollars. Currently, she resides along with her family in Agoura Hills near Los Angeles, California.