Steve Harris was born in the year 1965 and he is an actor of American nationality. He played as Eugene Young in Practice and the Detective Isaiah Bird, in the Freeman of NBC drama called Awake. He was born in the city of Chicago IL, he is a son of John Harris, who was a bus driver and of Mattie, a housewife. He is an older brother to Wood Harris. He went to St Joseph High School of Westchester IL and it is a private school where young star athletes go. He was running the tracks and then he played as a linebacker of Northern Illinois University and he did drama there. His career as an athlete was cut shot because of the torn ligaments on the ankle.

Steve Harris did a voice work for animated television called The Batman where he was Ethan Bennett and he appeared in the Law & Order in the earlier version for the pilot of Homicide: Life on The Street. In the year 2006, he was in the cancelled TV series called Heist and he appeared in the episode of Grey’s Anatomy. He was in New York Undercover and he appeared in many number of the movies such as the Minority Report, Takers, The Mod Squad, The rock, Bringing Down the House, Diary of Mad Black Woman and Quarantine.

Steve Harris is a tall person and he has a gigantic height which is over 6 feet and this is over 1.83meters. He is the charming person and he has appealing body. He looks good especially when he decided to be shirtless. He is a successful person and he has been able to make good money with his acting. His net worth is over 500 thousands US dollars.

Many wiki websites have more information about him and his biography can inspire many people around the entire world. He does not have any influence in the social media since he is not involved into it too much. During the interviews, he is interested in talking about the new movies he is acting into instead of talking about his biography. Being a popular person, does not help in knowing more about his private life. He does not let people know about his married life, if he has a daughter or if he had a divorce. Some people even think that he can be a gay but he never talks about his sexual preference.

He is known to be the best when it comes to the movies or TV shows he was in and this helped him to be a star known by now. He was playing in the Big Blue in the movie known as Goof Policeman in 1991 and the work he had impressed many people. He had appeared in the movies like Lovers and Liars and Protect and Serve. He was been nominated for many awards because of his roles.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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