Steve Bartelstein

Steve Bartelstein is a very popular journalist on the television industry. He is also a famous anchor of the popular television channel.

Steve Bartelstein was born in New York. He is the son of Irish parents. Steve’s exact birth date or birth year is not present in his biography. He is the third child among the six children of his parents. He belonged from a middle class family. Steve’s father worked as a salesman and his mother was a home maker. When Steve was born, he suffered from major pneumonia after he was born. His parents did not have enough money to spend so he was treated in a government hospital and his family also had to take several loans.

Steve has received education at home as he used to suffer often and the main reason was that his father could not afford the expense of six children. Till the age of eight, he was educated at home. When he saw his brothers going to school, he also wanted to go and insisted his parents. When his elder brother took up a part time job, his father was able to afford his education.

Steve was sent to the Niles East High School and he showed great interest towards studies. He was very good in studies, when compared to his siblings. Steve always scored good marks and was also very obedient, which made him very dear to his teachers. Even when it came to physical fitness, he excelled at it. Steve was the champion of basketball team of his school and also showed great skills in the indoor games like chess and cards.

Steve’s parents take great pride in his all round excellence. Steve has always wanted to become a journalist as he had a knack of adventure from childhood. After completing his high school graduation, he went to the University of Evansville to pursue his journalism degree. He also learnt several languages when he was in the university as he thought that it would help him to do well in his future career.


When Steve was pursuing journalism in the university, he was awarded with a scholarship according to which he was offered an internship opportunity after completing his bachelor’s education. He also did some part time jobs as a news anchor to manage his educational expenses. This job has helped Steve a lot to gain an experience before starting his professional career. He officially started his journalism career with the WABC-TV. He served there as a news anchor.

At first, he did not get much recognition, but later, due to his working skills, he received a number of promotions. He was also starred in several commercials. Steve’s voice has earned him popularity as an anchor. While he was working in this channel, he was detected with testicular cancer. He left the job at this channel to take rest and continue his treatment. Later, he also worked in the WBBM-TV for a period ten months. Other than this, no information regarding his personal life and net worth is provided in his biography.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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