Steve Anthony

Stephen Anthony Gomes is a Canadian host. He is famous for hosting the MuchMusic. He also worked as a VJ and hosted many shows on radio and television.

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Steve Anthony Biography

Steve Anthony was born on April 2, 1959, in Montreal, Quebec. In his early age, he lived with his family. Steve always had his taste for music and hosting events. He got his first job offer from the Montreal’s CKGM which is a radio station of English languages.

To fulfill his dream of becoming a renowned VJ and a host, he left CKGM in the year of 1986 and joined Q107 located in Toronto which broadcasts at 107.1 FM in Toronto. Joining Q107 fueled his career towards the land of success and growth. He then hosted many shows including MuchMusic, CP24 breakfast and many more. As of 2018, he is working at the Direct Global as the Head of Media Relations. As of 2018, Steve is 59 years old. Steve Anthony is married to Tanya Gomez.

Life of Steve Anthony and his career

Steve Anthony was passionate towards music and hosting events. His goal was to become one of the greatest VJs. He secured his first job with CKGM and soon left to Toronto to find better opportunities to grow his career. He then Joined Q107 and he left the next year to join MuchMusic.

MuchMusic brought the turning point in his life. He became famous and gained popularity throughout Canada as a MuchMusic host. In 2006, he was appointed as a panelist for MuchMusic VJ Search. He hosted Iceberg 85 in 2009 and co-hosted Too much ‘80s with Erica Ehm. From 2009 till March 2018, Anthony worked as the co-host of CP24 Breakfast which is a Canadian Morning television news show.

When Anthony was at the Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour which is a monster truck stunt show, he met an accident when he tried to kick the wheel of the Northern Nightmare which is a headliner on the tour. He suffered serious injuries and broke his right hip which led him to get a hip replacement surgery. Steve’s voice is also used as a radio imaging voice in many radio and television stations such as Faith-FM and more. Steve was the sought-after voice for commercial campaigns which would give a new height to the company’s products and services.

Even though he had an off-camera career, he became the face of VJ and hosting. He got the top choice award consecutively for three years. Steve is one of those people who have a soft heart for kids. He ran many charities to help the sick kids and a rally for kids suffering from cancer. On March 29, 2018, Steve Anthony said his goodbye to CP24 Breakfast, one of his most watched shows putting an end to his 9 and a half years career as a host for CP24. He also said that he and his wife have some business and projects to take care of so he is stepping away from being on TV or radio.

22 Dec, 2018