Stephen Holt

Stephen Holt is a popular American basketball player. He is very famous for his talents and skills as a basketball player.

Stephen Holt was born in the year 1991 on December 6th. He was born to his Christian parents. He had no siblings and his parents had a lot of expectations from him. His father was a coach of a football team and wanted to make him a football player. He started learning football when he was just four years old from his father. He took great interest in football and other outdoor sports.

He was brought up in great luxury by his parents and there were no financial hurdles in his life. He was provided with good education and good livelihood facilities. Besides education, he kept up with his regular football practice. When he started attending the Jesuit High School, he started developing interest towards basketball. His growing interest towards basketball did not shift his slightest attention from football. As he had a tall height at twelve years, he was called for taking part in the basketball team. He had to ask his father for permission and knowing that he loved to play football and basketball equally, his father granted him.

When he joined the basketball team of his school, he was the tallest team member. This was a great advantage for him in his basketball career. Though he played as a junior player of the team because of his age, his average score of the first season was more than any other senior players of the team. Till the 2008-09 season, he played as a junior basketball player from the year 2009 he started playing as a senior basketball player. Though he devoted most of his time to basketball, he also managed the time to study which helped him to score good grades in his graduation.

After graduating with good grades, he did not have the intention of pursuing further formal education and wanted to pursue with his passion for basketball. His parents understood him and supported him to get the admission at the Saint Mary University in the year 2010. He first attended the West Coast Conference for Saint Mary. He scored the highest scores in this match. This had already fetched him a lot of popularity in the university among his friends.

His game only improved with each passing season along with his score board and number of goals. He has also won a number of awards and certifications for his brilliant performances in a few matches. In a recent interview, he has said that all the success could not have been possible without the support of his parents. According to him, he would have never gone against his parents to fulfil his personal dreams if his parents did not give him any approval. Coming to his personal life, there is still no news about his girlfriend, marriage or split. He is young and talented and is now concentrating only into his career, which is a wise thing to do!