Stephen Graham

Personal life

Stephan Graham was born on 3rd August 1973. He was born in Kirkby, England. He attended the National Youth Music Theatre. His birth sign is Leo. He is 5 feet and 6 inches tall. He has been married to Hannah Walters since 2008. He is blessed with a daughter named Grace and a son named Alfie.


Stephan Graham played Tommy in a crime comedy film Snatch by Guy Ritchie in 2000. He played Andrew in a drama film This is England and its TV sequels in 2006. He played Nelson in biographical film Public Enemies by Michael Mann in 2009. He played Scrum in a fantasy film Pirates of Caribbean. He played Shang in a crime drama film Gangs of New York in 2002. He played Mike in a comedy drama Funny Cow in 2017.

He played Trotter in a war film Journey's End in 2017. He played Heinrich Himmler in a biographical action film The Man with the Iron Heart in 2017. He played Benjamin in a crime film Orthodox in 2015. He played Robert in a thriller film A Patch of Fog in 2015. He played Carl in a crime thriller TV movie The Watchman in 2016. He played Eddie Killen in a short crime film The Driver in 2015. He played Barber in a family comedy film Get Santa in 2014. He played Chrissie Fairburn in a crime thriller film Blood in 2012.

He played Jerry Westerby in a mystery thriller film Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy in 2011. He played Des in a romantic-sport film Goal! The Dream begins in 2005. He played Franner in an action crime film The Crew in 2008. He played Rhino in a crime film Texas Killing Fields in 2011. He played Danny in a crime film London Boulevard in 2010. He played Hagamar in an action fantasy film Season of Witch in 2011. He played David Knight in a crime drama film Hyena in 2014.

Graham played Al Capone in a crime drama TV series Boardwalk Empire aired on HBO. He was in a drama series The Street aired on BBC. He appeared in Deadmau5's music video titled I Remember. He appeared in an Arctic Monkeys music video titled When the Sun Goes Down. He played Atticus in a thriller TV series Taboo. He played Philbrick in a comedy TV miniseries Decline and Fall in 2017. He played the inspector Heat in a TV series The Secret Agent.

He played Tony Baines in a crime TV series Accused (2010-12). He played Bazzer in an action TV miniseries Empire in 2005. He played Shay Ryan in a TV series The Street (2006-09). He played Noel Finch in a thriller TV series Good Cop. He played Len in a TV series named Playhouse Presents. He played Danny in a drama Best Laid Plans in 2012. Graham has won 4 awards and 6 nominations. He was nominated twice for the BAFTA TV Award. He won a Golden FIPA Award for the TV series: Actor for Occupation (2009). He has earned a Net worth of around $5 million. Graham has over 63k followers on Twitter.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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