Stephanie Cozart

Stephanie Cozart Burton is not a very famous personality in the media industry. You cannot find a lot of articles about this Emmy winning make-up artist, including in popular sites like Wiki.

Personal life

Stephanie’s biography is famous for her marriage with LeVar Burton. Burton is famous for his career as presenter, actor, director and author. She married Burton in 1992 and has a daughter with him. Her daughter was born in 1995. Stephanie and Burton are married for three decades and there are no rumors about any problems in their married life. Stephanie met Burton in 1991 and dated for a year, before getting married.

Before meeting Burton, Stephanie was dating John Matuszak. John was an American football player, who became an actor. The reason for separation is not known to the media. Neither John nor Stephanie has talked about their relationship on any media. Burton was also in a relationship through with he has a son named Eian. The name of his girlfriend is not known to the media.

Michaela, daughter of Stephanie and Burton is an actress. Details about Eian are not known to the media. Since her personal life is not known to any media, there are no information regarding her age, parents, childhood, education and others. It is said that she stopped her education in the middle. It is not known whether she left her graduation in the middle or her schooling. Her mother and her father divorced when she was very young. Stephanie went on living with her mother after the divorce. It was said that she started her parlor along with her sister. Thus, it is assumed that she has a sibling. There are no details about her ethnicity.

Her mother’s name is said to be Michaela and thus, it is assumed that she named her daughter after her mother. Stephanie had never mentioned her mother’s name in any interview and thus, the authenticity of the information is not known. Her relationship with her father after his divorce is not known to the media. No one has come up to the media to announce that he is the father of Stephanie. She has never shared the screen with her husband or her daughter to talk about her personal life. Her husband’s net worth is 6 million dollars. There are no details about her net worth or salary.

There were a few rumors about Burton being dead. The rumors were responded by Burton himself. He also assured that there was nothing wrong with his health condition. Since there are no rumors about their personal life, it is assumed that Stephanie and Burton are close together with no chance of separation.


Stephanie’s mother is said to be a successful professional hair designer. This might be the reason to why Stephanie took up her career as a make-up artist. She now owns a beauty parlor and is also a favorite make-up professional for numerous top celebrities of Hollywood. She was awarded Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Make-up. There were talks about Stephanie starting a new YouTube Channel. Progress in that front is not known to media. She is active in Instagram but, she never shares any personal pictures in her account.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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