Stephanie Courtney

Stephanie was born on 8 February 1970 and she was born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius. She was born in Stony Point in New York City in the United States of America. It is known that her parents had two more children apart from her and as per the information available, Stephanie’s father worked as a teacher at a high school and he taught history to the students.

Stephanie’s mother was a well-known singer and as per the records, Stephanie completed her education from Binghamton University. She was fond of acting since a young age and because of this, she started acting in stage drama in the university as well. It is known that while she was in university, she did the role of Elizabeth Proctor in the famous show The Crucible. It is known that Stephanie later took up a job in New York to support her living and at the same time she was also learning to act.

Later, Stephanie moved to another city and this time it was Los Angeles. It is known that she started living with her sister in Los Angeles. She worked with her sister and she performed in a show called The Courtney Girls. As per the information, she was also the writer of the script of the show and it is known that she wrote the show with help of her sister. Stephanie also worked with a caterer while she was in Los Angeles and the main purpose of this was to sustain her life and expenses.

Later with increasing popularity, Stephanie started to get more work and worked in a total of 11 movies since the start her career. She worked in two series of Fred and she gained a lot of popularity from her role I the movie. Talking about the TV shows, the list is really long and she worked in 34 shows and the most recent show she worked in was Major Crimes. She also performed in several web series and as per the information, Stephanie also gave her voice to one of her character in a video game.

In 2004, Stephanie joined another training program along with a sketch comedy group. The name of the group was The Groundlings and the same year it was known that Stephanie became a member of the company as well. In the same group, Stephanie came across Scott Kolanach and he was the lighting director of the theater. It was reported that later in 2008, Stephanie and Scott decided to get married after dating each other for a long time. There is no information about the couple’s children but it is known that at present, Stephanie lives with her husband in Los Angeles.

The annual salary of Stephanie is estimated to be 500 thousand American dollars and as per the information, her net worth is somewhere around 1 Million American Dollars. Most of her income comes from the movies and TV shows she worked in.