Skylar Kierra Diggins is a professional basketball player for WNBA’s Dallas Wings. She is famous for her plays and she has been recognized with awards several times.

Personal life

Skylar was born in Indiana. Her parents are Toge Diggins and Renee Scott. His father married twice after his mother. She has three younger brothers and one younger sister. She got engaged to her boyfriend Daniel Smith in 2016. Daniel proposed at a local art gallery and they took a week gap before announcing it to public through Twitter.

In 2014, rapper Drake flirted with Skylar on social media and Daniel replied back with anger that Skylar is already taken. Drake started the whole online war by uploading a picture of him wearing a yellow shirt with Skylar’s name on it. Later, he started posting pictures of Skylar every now and then, for a few months. Daniel couldn’t take it for any longer and he posted an intimate picture of him with Skylar and gave a caption that she is already taken. Drake’s fans commented that Daniel is being insecure. Daniel went on posting a lot of pictures of him with Skylar with more romantic comments. Later, Drake’s friend mentioned that Drake is a huge basketball fan and likes Skylar for her skills in basketball.

Skylar met Daniel when she was in college. Daniel praised Skylar’s play with a poem and it caused a stir among fans. There are no details to when, they started dating. Skylar’s previous boyfriends are not known to media. She was never a part of any other celebrity relationship. Daniel was her first boyfriend, who is known to public. Skylar manages to keep her personal life to herself. She never gives any intimate interviews or talk about her romantic life in public.

Skylar never commented on Drake’s move. Though she is active in social media and posts a few personal pictures, she wants to keep public away from her personal life as much as possible.


Skylar was the basketball captain in her high school. She led the school to Washington’s title winning championship. She appeared in Sport Illustrated issue of 2009. In 2009, she joined Notre Dame and made it to the team. She scored 400 points in freshman year. In Sophomore year, she helped Notre Dame get the national title in 2001. In 2011, she was selected as Third Team All-American by Associated Press. In 2013, she was drafted by Tulsa Shock. In 2004, she had her first WNBA season. She won the award for Most Improved Player in 2014. In 2015, she suffered from torn ACL and missed the whole season. In 2016, her contract extended and her team relocated and got renamed as Dallas Wings.

In her career, she has played 102 games and started 89 games. Her field goal percentage is 30.3%. She played on USA team in 2011 World University Games. She won all the six games and earned gold medal. She is also an advocate who worked against childhood obesity. She was also a model for Nike and appeared in Vogue Magazine in swimsuit. She has not revealed her net worth or salary in any media. She has kept financial details out of her biography.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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