Shirleen Allicot

Shirleen Allicot was born on in Guyana. She was raised in the United States. Her parents moved to America when she was just 3 months old. She has grown up in Ozone Park, Queens, New York. Her mother and father both worked for the NYC Transit Authority. After high school, she enrolled in the Hofstra University/ She graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Broadcast Journalism.

She started her on air career in the Bronx, where she worked several years for News 12, which was a Cablevision’s local cable news network. This station covered three States, including Connecticut, New Jersey and New York State. Afterwards, her short career way in the Bronx, she moved to the same television station, which was located in Long Island and Connecticut. Later she left for another position on the 6abc Action News.

She got her breakthrough time, when she started her work as an anchor for the Eyewitness News at Noon, but previously she worked at the Philadelphia-based WPVI. There, since 2010 she had co-anchored 6abc Action News at 4pm as well as the Action News at 10. Action News focuses mostly on local news in the Philadelphia and near area. She got a reputation of a talent journalist, which allowed her to flourish and start to gain recognition all over the East coast.

She covered everything from Hurricane Sandy during the Boston Marathon Bombings to the recent Amtrak derailment case. She interviewed the president’s wife Michelle Obama and reported live in Chicago City for Oprah's final farewell. She is a very popular in the social media extensively to share news reports and some information of her personal life. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well. Recently, Shirleen shared breaking news on the murder case against Pedro Hernandez.

She said in an interview about her worthy story, that was during the 2016 United States Presidential elections. Shirleen Allicot being a co-anchor for Eyewitness News at Noon extensively covered the run-up to the elections. She provided accounts of both the primaries and the final elections too. Hillary Clinton figured prominently during these reports. Allicot has much interest in the Presidential candidate. She covered an interview with Hillary Clinton as part of the news program when famous Hillary Clinton was running for the Democratic Presidential nomination being the part of the United States primaries.

She is married to her husband Jesse. The couple got their first baby recently in March 2017. She is also an amateur cook. In her free from television affairs, she loves to experiment in the kitchen and surprise her family with new culinary masterpieces. There is very less information available about him on various internet sites. Despite being a celebrity, she chooses not to disclose the details of her personal life to her fans. She also seems to be focusing more on her career as an anchor. Her real salary and net worth figure have not got exposed yet.