Shamra Rodriguez

Shamra Rodriguez is mostly known for being the mother of Bahja and Lourdes Rodriguez. Shamra is an American national of black ethnicity.

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Shamra Rodriguez biography

Shamra Rodriguez was born on 14th August 1977. There is almost no information available about Shamra’s childhood and early education. Shamra came into the spotlight when her talented daughter became a famous rapper. Shamra got pregnant when she was just 19 years old. Shamra was too young and faced a lot of troubles when she got pregnant. Being a single mother Shamra had to rely on her mother for support. The first baby girl of Shamra Rodriguez was born in the year 1996 when Shamra was just 20 years old. Shamra gave birth to the second baby in the year 1998. Shamra did a hard job raising both of her girls on her own.

Shamra’s hard work paid off when Bahja and Lourdes became the singers. Both the sisters, Bahja and Lourdes were the members of “OMG Girlz”. OMG Girls was a famous American hip hop group which consists all the girl members. According to various sources, the “OMG” part of the name of this group was the short version of “Officially Miss Guided”. This name was chosen to play on words.

The “Miss” was for calling the girls and “Guided” was for portraying the picture about going in the right direction. Shamra’s both daughters were hard working as their mother and started their singing career at a very young age. Other the singing, Bahja, Shamra’s daughter, also appeared on several TV shows and series. Shamra was featured on various cover songs by her daughters. Shamra believes in hard work and urges women to become successful.

Shamra herself manages the promotions and distributions of her daughters’ singles. Shamra also expressed her feelings on social media and interviews about the hard times and success in life. Once on mother’s day, Shamra expressed her thankful feelings towards her mother as her mother had supported her during her pregnancy.

Has Shamra gone through a divorce? Is she currently married?

According to the information available, Shamra found out that the man she was going to marry was cheating on her so didn’t get married after consulting her mother on this matter. Shamra didn’t go through a divorce.

Who is the daddy of Shamra’s daughters?

According to some sources, the name of the father of Shamra’s daughters’ was John.

Shamra’s Net worth

Shamra’s net worth has not been revealed as of now.

07 Feb, 2019