Russell Howard

Russell Howard is a popular host, television personality and as well as a radio host. He is also a stand-up comedian in United Kingdom.

Russell Howard was born in the year 1980 on March 23. He was the child of Ninette Howard and Dave Howard. He was the first child of his parents and has received a lot of love and care from his parents. He also has two younger siblings, a younger sister and a brother. He belonged from a middle-class family. As both his parents had to work to earn a good livelihood, he took care of his siblings at home. His bond with his siblings became very strong with time. He went to school and did the household chores as well after coming back from school. As his siblings were very young, they could not take any responsibility, at that time.

After a few years, some problems arose between his parents. The regular conflicts between his parents gave way to their separation. His mother left the house but did not take any of the children with her. The three children were left behind and his father also remained busy for most of the time. He did not have enough time to look after his children and remained out of the station most of the time for work purposes. He alone, had to take care of his siblings and manage the other household tasks.

He spent sixteen years of his life like this till his siblings grew matured enough to help him in the household task. He took great interest in football but hardly got any time to practice. He used to go to a small high school in his town where he took part in the football team of his school. He played the role of goal keeper and as well as a mid-fielder in the team.

But he could not continue with his passion for long and had to give up on it, midway. He even discontinued his studies as there was a lot of financial tension going on in the family. He started working as an assistant with an event manager in the town. He was paid just a small amount of money during the beginning days of his career but that was the only financial support of his family back then. He slowly became an expert in the field and also developed himself as a host. His behaviour with the guests was also very well and he knew how to entertain them.

He had the talents of a comedian and made the people laugh with his sense of humour. Due to his hosting talent, he also hosted a number of television shows. These shows have achieved a lot of popularity due to his talents of hosting. He is also a very charitable person and donates a sum of money to orphanages or NGOs. He is a very active social person and visits the orphanages or NGOs every weekend and also hosts charitable events for these social trusts.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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